Scott Sonnon walks the “Rocky” road to victory… and brings home the gold… FOUR times!

More To Come tomorrow…

34 Responses to Scott Sonnon walks the “Rocky” road to victory…
and brings home the gold… FOUR times! trailer 1

  1. It feels as if my whole life has been leading up to this moment…I have no words for how proud I am to have worked with a team like this to create an opportunity like this for anyone who is serious about mastering his life. Wow. This is all…extraordinary.

  2. rob floris says:

    You’re really good at how to make “appetizing” trailers.
    Can hardly wait to see what is coming.

    Being a retired karateka/kickboxer myself I’m rally curious what Scott has to reveal.

    CU, Rob Floris

  3. Jemima Henderson says:

    I like the look of this…can’t wait to find out more!

  4. Raul says:

    Yeah! bring it on!

  5. Greg Houle says:

    Coach Sonnon and Rmax,

    You all are an inspiration and have absolutely changed my Life, and my life was pretty good before Rmax, but now, it just keeps getting better.


  6. Kathy Swatosh says:

    Ok, you got my attention…

  7. Mike Lasnier says:

    Awesome Trailer, but we’d expect no less from your director of photography. Welcome home, and can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming.

  8. Rustem says:

    So if a Commando and a Warrior meet, who’d come out on top? Just pulling your leg, Scott. You have my respect and my attention. You really do walk the walk.

  9. Darrin Downey says:

    This looks exciting and inspirational. Not only are you a master of martial and physical disciplines, but you and your team know how to market as well!

  10. On the edge of my seat :)

  11. xena says:

    CLIFFHANGER SUPREME!! Can’t hardly wait for the deets!! ;-)

  12. Vishal says:

    You have my undivided attention, wondering where this will lead and if I’ll prove myself.

  13. Kevin Lee Dougherty says:

    As usual, causing me to camp out at the proverbial fireplace to see what jolly ol’ St. Nick is dragging down the chimney. Hell, I just might post myself up on the roof, clear a landing spot for Rudolph and Co. As usual, Scott, you’ve fired up the juices.

  14. Bring it on!!!! Can’t wait :)
    Those drums those drums they are saying….SEE ESS TEE!!

  15. Per Nyberg says:

    You really know how to create good trailers. I can hardly wait.

  16. Dean says:

    Xmas comes early!

  17. Charlie Moore says:


    Great trailer very motivating….I am looking forward to more…Bring It !!!!

  18. Tanya says:

    I’m in.

  19. Tim Lupia says:

    Awesome Job Scott! My laces are tight and ready to Go.

  20. johnny says:

    Scott, ooh! your’e such a tease

  21. Trish Fletcher says:

    Okay, so I will check back tomorrow to see “what’s next”. And this comes from one who knows almost nothing about martial arts.

  22. Pretty impressive! But then, what can we expect from someone who is into mastery …. Well Done Scott! Look forward to seeing the rest.
    Keep following your dreams into creating your reality – What a Buzz! … makes life worthwhile.

  23. tony torres says:

    Nice! cant wait to find out whats new!

  24. Krystyna–Creating your reality is EXACTLY what TACFIT Warrior is all about! This is going to blow your minds!

  25. Phil Buechner says:

    It looks great, Scott! Excited about what it’s leading to.

  26. John Baumchen says:

    Ok, I am hooked now real me in!!! LOL I have been a fan of Scotts since about 2001 or 2002 right around their. I am dating myself but I have the Maximology Seminar on VHS if that tells you anything! So I am used to Scott putting out the best material! So just make sure you email me when it hits so I can check it out!

  27. Les Albjerg says:

    I have my life back thanks to a Body Builder named Tom Venuto, and a Martial Art Warrior named Scott Sonnon! So, thank you for sharing the secrets of fitness with us “regular” folks. I am just getting IntuFlow basics into my body, can’t wait to see where the master has taken the basics to! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, skills, passion, and insights for all to learn and grow.

  28. Woody Brister says:

    I suddenly got chills of excitement!

  29. Marco says:

    Damn! This is unsurpassed.
    I rarely pick a personal hero. This time it’s you.
    Thank you coach, this will make me go through anything. INSPIRING !!!

  30. Yernán says:

    Amazing and inspiring!!!!

  31. John Raucci says:

    The film looks great and the trailer is intense. I look forward to learning more.

  32. Wade Munson says:

    All I can say is AWESOME!

  33. Ellen K. says:

    Hanging around Steven Barnes for 12 years has paid off…and now I know you!
    I am so excited – - – can hardly wait!!

    Many blessings,
    Ellen K.

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