Ten years of RMAX development
led to this moment…

For the very first time:

- The blazing fitness -
- The razor focus -
- The emotional power -

…of a master warrior,
in YOUR hands.


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40 Responses to TACFIT Warrior: The Science of Mind-Body Exercise trailer 3

  1. Narciso Sotomayor says:


  2. Todd Pigram says:

    Very intriguing. Can’t wait to see more!


  3. Kevin Lee Dougherty says:

    I caught a glimpse of a Flowfit version I’ve never seen….
    Inching closer to this release. Itchiness of anticipation is taking over. whaz up?

  4. Henri Henell says:

    Hmm… more interesting….

  5. Excitement is definitely building in the house…….looking for things to sell!!

  6. Brian Bales says:

    You guys are getting better at your teasers all the time. Timing for this could not be better as I am on the last few mini cycles of the 3rd month of my first TacFit Commando program.

  7. Sooo pumped now!
    And the ancients shall rise!!

  8. Pat says:

    What program should I start with?

  9. Rishi Eric Infanti says:

    Scott and team; ok the suspense is killing me,…

  10. Rob Vrancken says:

    As I said I have already Tacfit Spetsnatz, Tacfit Comando, Tacfit ROPE, Prasara and Intu-Flow from RMAX /Scott Sonnon and I love them all. I ‘am still not convinced with what I saw in the preview sneak that there will be a lot of new things to learn from, so please try me.

  11. william says:

    interesting..i definitely have enough info already that i need too perfect.But iam curious and looking forward to even more..Although its always being promoted as something hidden,or secret,or coming out of a locked storage box,i believe its just an on going evolution for our teacher and us students> Thats how these relationships(guru,disciple, mentor,coach,to student,client) work.Until we free ourselves and create our own destiny.

  12. Paul Arnold says:

    Really looking forward to this one. ‘Mind is the Builder’ -Edgar Cayce.

  13. Mike Leonard says:

    Can’t wait to see more!

  14. Wade Munson says:

    Looks awesome! Cannot wait to see this material! You are out doing yourself, Coach! : )

  15. Raul says:

    You really knows how to leave us in suspense… I’m really exited to to know and master the technique.

    Thank’s Coach!

    Keep training

  16. Coach Ray says:

    Alright bring it on…I have been a disciple for several years now, what’s next?

    Looks interesting and well done on the surface, ready to dig in coach!

    Keep doing your thing and improving…

  17. The physical aspect of this program is wonderful new TACFIT material…but it is
    1) arrayed to enhance cognitive function as well
    2) embedded within an overall, simple, turn-key system designed to create total body-mind integration. We used this system to focus Scott’s whole being to blast through the competition in Vegas.

    There has never, ever been anything quite like TACFIT Warrior.

    • admin says:

      It’s almost here. The program under the program.

      Yes, there’s a completely unique exercise system in Warrior… a tightly sequenced array of “smart” exercises which stimulate the nervous system and body chemistry in the signature fashion of TACFIT. TACFIT never fails. Qui audet adipiscitur!

      But there’s a program under the program: a more entrenched layer of mental and emotional strategies that intertwine with the exercise. You can stumble about through movements and never touch these methods. I had no choice. Genetically, I needed to exploit every technological advantage in order to succeed, not just physically, but also educationally and vocationally. To even rehearse a technique in fighting required specific mind-focusing tactics to combat the neural chaos of my learning disabilities, and lift me to world championship gold.

      A program under the program… which can then be used with all TACFIT courses. Warrior’s mental techniques elegantly plug-and-play with any of the TACFIT fleet of programs.

      It’s almost here.
      Who Dares Wins (and in this case, the chance for $5,000!)
      Scott Sonnon

      • jenni says:

        Thanks to both you, Scott and Steven, you are both so awesome and are making a great contribution to the World. It is time we integrate mind and body in all aspects of life. Thanks… for being you.
        I have shared my knowledge of two very inspiring men, whom are alive and more than well today;), with my friends, family, and classmates. I think you may be giving the World a new path that is very old… I can hardly wait to see more.
        To think I may not have met either of you if I wasn’t a fan of the Star Wars Universe… never to old to become a Padawan.

  18. Scott used this to become an international champion and launch a wildly successful business wading through the challenges of building a solvent global corporation. I used it to become a NY Times bestselling writer, triple black belt, and… precision navigate the stressors of my business development as a writer, speaker and prominent success coach.

    We both have thousands of students worldwide we’ve helped to similar goals, but never, ever been able to codify the entire system to a point of Sophisticated Simplicity. We needed each other, and almost a decade of collaboration leading to a year of mind-blowing experimentation (leading to Vegas!) to put it all together. For at least twenty years I’d been trying to create something like this for my students, and didn’t have the technology. Yoga couldn’t do it. Tai Chi couldn’t do it. FlowFit was the first glimmer, and TACFIT Commando opened the door.

    We’re the first, folks. So far as I know, no one has ever put it all together before, and offered the result to the general public. Hold onto your hats!

  19. Bill says:

    Hmmm….Tacfit is like an onion, peel those layers back, ……….Are we to find gold (in optimum training approaches) in the center of it all? ……….I have a hunch we are about to find gold…..

  20. Jared Priest says:

    I am a beginner RMAX “student” and this looks great, very excited… Yippy!!

  21. Donovan Worland says:

    Alright, I am totally amped now, I am going to be checking this out all day tomorrow.

  22. Rob Vrancken says:

    Is there a discount for students which have already Intu-Flow, Prasara, TACFIT Commando, TACFIT Spetsnatz and TACFIT ROPE? Can you tell I love your programs?
    Anxious to hear from you.

  23. Laura Lane says:

    This is soooooo~ cool! Can’t wait for the release, you marketing genius!!!

    Much love~

  24. Kevin Lee Dougherty says:

    Definitely tuned in………

  25. Wasn’t able to see the exercise trailer. But Jeffrey Samson has recommended that i look into this mind/body regimine program. He also recommended the Intu flow and have used it in my adaptive PE courses. Still got lots to learn.
    Lorena Carrasco

  26. jenni says:

    ok… i am going to youtube to watch you a little more… i love how fuidly you move… like a jedi… :)

  27. Rob Vrancken says:

    A special promotional discount which will SLASH the retail cost is good (and a good sales tactique)
    An extra discount for students who dare MORE is better!

    Who Dares Wins,

    Rob Vancken

  28. Steve says:

    What if I am not done with Tacfit Commando? How do I incorporate Tacfit Warrior with Tacfit Commando?

    • admin says:

      Warrior has several layers. It is both a stand-alone bodyweight-only exercise program for fat loss, muscle gain and increased pain-free mobility, and Warrior is also a template for superimposing mental / emotional strategies over top of the other ships in the TACFIT fleet. All will be revealed in course itself!

      Who Dares Wins,
      Scott Sonnon

  29. You can begin TacFit Commando on your next cycle–or begin to incorporate the ideas now.

  30. Michael says:

    Awesome stuff! Look forward to see how it develops. I have been moving away from weights and gyms for a while now (just gave away an olympic weight set, rack, etc.) and moving toward more body weight and/or mobile equipment (TRX, Kettlebells, etc.) so this looks really interesting.

    Hey Steven, Will this make me “Street Lethal”? ;)

  31. John Panella says:

    I have been working offshore and a little out of touch… This may be just the thing that brings it all together for me… Law of Attraction working overtime in my world right now –

    I hope I didn’t get here too late!

    What is going on?

    Cpt JP

  32. Brett says:

    In the tacfit warrior videos there are reverences to the 7 indicators or longevity like grip strength and balance. What are all 7 indicators of longevity?


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