Below, enjoy the TACFIT Warrior Challenge Give-Away video!

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Below, enjoy the TACFIT Warrior Challenge Give-Away video.

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106 Responses to $5000 GiveAway

  1. tactif stuff is awesome i love it and im going to bring it to new levels this year when i put it to the test .

  2. i cant wait for the tacfitwarrior as i love all the other material scott has released,its time to raise the levels people.

  3. Michael Hartrich says:


    I tried to sign up for TacFit this morning, Saturday 12/11/10, but the Order links were not active.
    I scrolled over the Order buttons but nothing happened. I am leaving a comment on your Help Desk also. I look forward to signing up. This looks like everything I’ve looked for in a mind-body self-improvement program.


  4. Michael Hartrich says:

    Shoot, I so got fired up I didn’t notice the start dates December15, 16, 17. :-)
    I’m looking forward to this.


  5. jerry levine says:

    I have been using TACFIT for almost a year now. I am a few weeks shy of becoming 67 years of age and I am stronger and more flexible than I have ever been. And, there’s a lot more to this story!

  6. Philip Hodkinson says:

    Well I aint got no money to order anything being just on my pension, but I’ve been following the free stuff you mail me since last April and I’ve lost 30 lbs and am a lot fitter. I’m also heading towards 67

  7. I can def. add them to my old workouts these exercise to STEP up my game with my bodysthenics classes and training

    thanks guys.

  8. Carr Baldwin says:

    I have completed the TacFit Commmando program and am halfway through the Recruit level of the Kettlebell program. I started the TacFit program shortly before my 73rd birthday and expect to complete the Kettlebell program a little before my 74th birthday. The final day of the Commando program I did the following:
    Cossack Warrior 4 L&R
    Swing Plank Extended 5 L&R
    Airborne Squat Jump 7 L&R
    Spiderman Jump Press 10 L&R
    Shinbox Switch 5 L&R
    Base Switch Press 4 L&R
    No big deal, but as an old man, I’m satisfied with my performance. I’m using a 20 lb kettlebell for that program and that seems to be enough.
    My question for you is, what is the difference between the Commando program and the Warrior program? As with all your programs, it looks like a lot for the money, but it appears that I already have most of the material.

  9. Jim Benjamin says:

    I have been on the TACFIT Commando program as well. What are the main differences between Commando and Warrior? I know there is the mental aspect, but what about the exercises and the routines? Are they mostly the same or different? Commando involves daily training – is this the same with Warrior?

  10. Robert Nichols says:

    I could not download the “warrior” video…I have a dialup connection and it exceeded and estimated time of over an hour…the dial-up connection will time out before that.
    Sorry, I would like to see what it consists of. I have commando and am working on it although I will be 80 in about 3 days. The recruit level I can do (sort of). I can’t finish the Spinal Rock correctly, at least I don’t think I can, you should complete the Rock by rolling back into the original squat in my opinion,….I haven’t made it yet. The others I can handle but I may never reach the Commando level.

  11. Michel Aubin says:

    Good afternoon Scott.
    My question for you is, what is the difference between the Commando program and the Warrior program?
    Thanks for answer.
    PS it seems from the above comments that couple of peoples are asking the same question, but not receiving an answer!!!!

    • admin says:

      Commando and Warrior are parallel in intent for physique and performance goals: the fat melting, muscle chiseling virtues are equal.
      Warrior adds a mental component not present in Commando, and as a result includes unique “cross-brain” exercises to train hard AND smart.

      Who Dares Wins,
      Scott Sonnon

  12. admin says:

    “Is a $5,000 fitness contest unethical?”

    Hey Gang,

    Wow. We have had a huge reaction by email, phone and facebook to my $5,000 Warrior Giveaway. And not all of it was positive. I wanted to contact you directly, before I leave with my family on our annual Christmas tree hunting trip, to address this personally.

    Firstly, let me apologize for any confusion our office could have given you. I approved all of the broadcasts and webpages myself, so the blame rests with me.

    Now, let’s get to the brass tacks. Some of you have asked if a $5,000 fitness contest unethical. How could you explain why TACFIT Warrior is best for you if you’ve haven’t yet tried it?

    Well, to begin with, when we did a written form of our contest with TACFIT Commando, we had 951 entries:

    We decided to have this contest be on Youtube, because it’s much more viral, and would really spread the great news about Warrior… even before the promotional sale ended. That would give us the chance to give as many of the sale packages, stuffed over-flowing with goodies and bonuses, away before it ended!

    But there was some misunderstanding on the nature of the contest:

    The Warrior $5,000 Giveaway isn’t about explaining how the product is the best for you when you haven’t tried it. We gave away a free Warrior Challenge video workout so that you could personally experience the unique nature of the exercises. Unfortunately not everyone participated, so it’s difficult for everyone to participate in the Contest.

    Secondly, the purpose of the $5,000 fitness contest is to explain, “Why I should win the $5,000!”

    So, when you make your video submission, please explain why “TACFIT Warrior would be the BEST Mind-Body Exercise system for me; why I – of anyone – should win the $5,000 prize!”

    Next, I’ve asked our office to open the Warrior Challenge video workouts to you again for those of you who missed the window and didn’t get a chance to sample the system physically. This way, you’ll have an intimate experience of the system, and know what you’re talking about in the contest youtube video submission. Here’s the place where you can opt-in to get the free video workouts:

    Listen, I can only take personal responsibility for any confusion that this contest has given you. Five grand is a lot of money, so I can appreciate why you would be concerned. You want this to not be some kind of joke or gimmick, and you want to win that money for Christmas. Well, I want you to win. I want you to have that money, and have the most awesome Christmas ever.

    I came up with the contest idea. It’s radical, edgy, and huge. It’s also never been done before, so why the heck not? I’ve bet the farm and risked tons before. And if this is the thing that would give you the extra added motivation to make a change in your life, then I’m game.

    If you can forgive the confusion, let’s get on with the contest, and have a blast. Be creative. Be yourself. Be sincere. Just let us know why you think you ought to be the won to win this $5,000 right here, and then on December 20th, we may be announcing you as the winner.

    Here’s the contest link again:

    Thanks again for trusting me enough to contact me and our office directly. Anything anytime. That’s what we want to offer you in form direct dialogue.

    Good luck, and Merry Christmas!
    Scott and the Sonnons…(Now, we gotta bolt out of here. It’s pouring in Washington, but that isn’t stopping people from getting the best trees!)

  13. Jim Benjamin says:

    thanks for your answers, Scott. Can you please further elabortate on whether Warrior requires 7 days a week training (as with Commando) or is it 4 days a week only? I’d like to know what I’m getting into before I purchase… thanks again!

    • admin says:

      Jim, you can use with the 4×7 or the 7×4 format.

      • Jim Benjamin says:

        Thanks Scott.

        From what I understand both 4×7 and 7×4 require daily commitment, except that one has a microcycle of 4 days and the other 7 days.

        On it is claimed that “Anyone can find twenty minutes three or four times a week–and that will be all the leverage you need to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER–GUARANTEED”. This implies that only 3 or 4 days a week is the required total commitment per week, which is not the same as 4×7 or 7×4… is it?

        … or am I not understanding something correctly?

        Sorry for all the questions Scott, but I just need to make sure what I’m gonna get… thanks!

        • admin says:

          It means that if you only perform a 3 day split – mon/wed/fri or tue/thu/sat – and perfor
          Mod or High intensity sessions you’ll still get benefits from the system.

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  15. Jeremiah says:

    In the rules for the video, is there a time limit? I mean, I’m not going to make some eppic film, although that would be an Accadem Award Winner, but I don’t see an rules either.

  16. This is a great opportunity. Looking forward to seeing all of the entries!

  17. MAT says:


    Can the program be burned to DVD and if so will it play in your basic run-of-the-mill ‘regular’ DVD player, or will it only play ‘on computers only’? I’m not familiar with the MV4 format and my home dojo where I would use the program has a regular tv/dvd setup.


    PS.: I am not a customer yet, but I like what I have seen and sampled of your material a lot, looks great.

  18. Lance says:

    I am way excited about this new program, I love TACFIT, it works for me, and yet have still been battling the mental road blocks that I put in my life to prevent success. I see this as a more complete program since it incorporates mental work along with the physical work for truly better health. So I posted this on my facebook:
    I am starting a new workout, an amazing system to build functional muscle. I am really excited about it. They are having a contest so I thought to myself, why not participate… It’s funny, I see it in my life and in others, we think to ourselves, that beautiful delicious fruit is not for me, or I am not good enough…. I have decided to change that, I believe I am good enough! So I am participating and I invite you to as well, you are worth it!

    As I progress in the TACFIT Warrior program you can checkout my blog at

  19. Tim Kubit says:

    Here’s my try at the 5 large….

  20. Jeffry C. Larson says:

    Scott, just when I thought I had seen and understood everything you’ve put out – you come out with a new surprise! With TACFIT Warrior you have once again far surpassed all of our expectations. I can’t wait to start putting it to the test – I’ve got big plans . . .

    Here is my entry into the contest:


  21. Brian Bales says:

    Ok I’m throwing my hat in the ring. Just wish my head wasn’t so darn shiney in the video ;)

  22. Jeremiah says:

    This is my video/youtube entry into the TacFit Warrior, $5,000 Contest.

  23. Daniel Riewe says:

    What I will use Tacfit for in Germany and Worldwide!

    Here is my video:

  24. I wish everyone here the best of luck!

    Here´s my entry:

  25. Mike says:

    “… so i guess, in exploring movement, i have found the means to explore myself..” LOL!!!

    But seriously, I loved the way you imitated Scott’s videos there… good luck!

  26. John Panella says:

    I want to thank the whole TacFit crew for this awesome opportunity! A few months back I got exposed to training my mind in the practical application of the Law of Attraction and advanced techniques for creating abundance in my life. Although it is continuous journey, as I reprogram many years of unproductive thought, I keep manifesting the people, events and circumstances to achieve a life of freedom. TacFit Warrior and everything that Coach Sonnon delivers supports every step of that journey and I feel grateful and blessed to be present for this event!


    Cpt. John J. Panella

  27. Jeremiah says:

    One hour, 15 minutes until December 15th and I get to actually order TacFit Warrior.

    • Jeremiah says:

      By the way, did anyone watch Natinal Geographic Channel, Explorer “Born to Rage” with host Henry Rolins? The show was about the “Warrior Gene”, and was quite interesting.

      • Jeremiah says:

        I thought it was interesting that there is actually a gene associated with warriors.
        However, in the end it is inconclusive as not everyone that is agressive has the gene, and not everyone that has the gene is agressive.

  28. jeremiah mckenna says:

    Bought it. I’m so glad tomorow is my day off…

  29. I’m happy to make my entry and be part of the team :)

  30. Hi,

    Here’s my video:

    After procrastinating for a long time to create a YouTube account, here it is finally. This is my first video ever. And it seems I forgot to mention what I would do with the prize. Well, I could finally get for myself for this Christmas the complete library from RMAX and the TacFit program.

    Thank you again for this program. The new year will find me working hard with TacFit Warrior. :-)

    All the best,

  31. Jen Jaxon says:

    Good Luck to everyone, you all rock!!!!!!!

  32. tim lupia says:

    Very excited to look through Tacfit Warrior this evening, I wish everyone good luck with the Give away!

  33. Miro Bezjak says:

    Here is the link to my entry.

    Once again, I am extremely grateful to both of you for creating this contest, and more importantly program. It is truly going to be an amazing ride, and I hope to inspire many people like me who spent countless hours on the computer to escape reality. I’m ready to live! and use this program to its absolute fullest.

    Much gratitude,

    Miro Bezjak

  34. Mark Gearhart says:

    Hello RMAX!

    I’m really impressed with the content and very grateful that their are fitness systems in this world developed by Scott Sonnon and the RMAX team! Time to take it to the next level.

    The tools have been laid out in front of me, there’s now no more excuses.

    Best Regards,

    Mark Gearhart

    This is my contest entry;

  35. Daryl Green says:

    OK, so the brief was be creative, be yourself, be sincere. Warrior sentiments that I hope come across in my video. I hope you can read body language.

    We each have one life to live……
    Do you have the warriors heart?
    I want to bring more into the world from that place.
    Scott and Stephen please help me to help others.

  36. Jason Gould says:

    I’m convinced that 2011 will be my breakthough year, and I’ll be using Tacfit Warrior as my roadmap to reach my goals.

    Scott and Steve, I *WILL* add the sweat.

    And if Tacfit Warrior delives on its promises, and I’m really able to make positive strides toward accomplishing my life goals as a result of engaging in the program, then I won’t need the prize money.

  37. Cesar Clavijo says:

    Apparently, I need to include “Learn to fix audio lag on youtube” as one of my goals for next cycle. =)

    Please forgive the sound delay:

    I’m jumping in!!!
    - Cesar Clavijo

  38. Alright, here’s my stab at it…

    Either way, the RMAX system and people behind it are worth way more than $5,000, I can stand behind that!

  39. Matthew Wiswesser says:

    had a bunch of technical issues but this is the best I could. Sorry I could not get it in better quality (camera stopped working half way through). Oh well worth a shot anyway.

    Thanks again to Scott, Steven, and Rmax for the chance to even win this money

  40. Rebecca Mueller says:

    Here’s my entry for the contest. Good luck, everyone! Stay warm!

  41. I’ve downloaded the material, printed out the manuals, and I am impressed. The material here is comprehensive and truly turnkey – I can’t wait to get started!

    Here is my entry:

  42. Ryan Mitchell says:

    Thanks for everything guys.

  43. Helene Lohr says:

    Hi all!

    Here’s the link to my video:

    Best of luck to all- and thanks Steve and Scott for the chance to become involved in such a great program.


  44. Sean Mahoney says:

    No time to edit anything, just a quick walk through the Botanic Gardens before work. Apologies for any motion sickness, but I think most clearly while moving and needed to just get my raw thoughts out.

    Exercise programs that don’t pay equal merit to the mind and the soul are destined to fail for those who need them most. I hold sincere hope that the energy and dedication that Scott and Steve have put into Tacfit Warrior will transform those of us who are willing to show the same dedication. 2011 is the year I use Tacfit Warrior to transform my body and mind. 2011 is the year I add the sweat.

    $5,000 to help alleviate the crushing burden of debt and the stress it brings would be life-changing for me. However, I will rest well knowing that whomever Scott and Steve choose to receive this amazing gift, a life will be fundamentally changed and dreams made possible. To all Tacfit Warriors about to embark on this journey with me – best of luck to you and I hope you find everything you’re looking for.

  45. Ola Johan Fredenlund says:


    Thanks to RMAX, Scott Sonnon and Steven Barnes for creating this program. Looking immensely forward to getting started! :D

    Here’s my contribution:
    Good luck to everyone!

  46. Ola Johan Fredenlund says:

    Seems I forgot stating what I will use the money to if I win, so here goes:
    Living a life of adventuring and doing expeditions isn’t cheap for a high school student, and I’m planning on crossing Greenland’s ice cap and climbing Mt. Elbrus (Europe’s highest) within 2015, so I will probably save the money to use on those projects.


  47. Stu Mishory says:

    I’m really sorry, YouTube is having trouble in Israel, the Sabbath is in a few minutes, and I have no idea if it’s actually uploading. I just transcribed what I said on the video in case is doesn’t, I won’t see till Sat night Israel time. Will fix it then.

    How’s it going, my name is Stu Mishory, I’m 23, I live in Northern Israel just above Haifa, and my wife and we’re ready to being our path through Warrior. Despite all the amazing training advances to come out of Russia and the Soviet Union, back in the day, it was a little bit of a tough place for a lot of the people, and after years of trying to get out, my wife as 2 year old got out with her family and she grew up in Toronto, I grew up as a Jersey boy. Who would have thought you’d spent all this energy getting into St. Petersburg while they were fighting to get out.

    As a kid, I was always into sports, but as a early teenager, I had a lot of knee pain and other random joint pain that no one could ever really diagnose, and my wife gave up dancing because on many injuries that tore up a lot of her tendons and ligaments. In high school I was always nervous getting into sports because by senior year, there were a crazy amount of athletes who had had some type of surgery from training injury, knee replacement, rotator cuff, torn bicep, which to me seemed crazy for HS sports, so I ended up swimming despite not really liking it, simply because it was the only sport that no one got hurt.

    My wife and I spent a year after getting married back in the states to start a business, we made some money, lost some money, it was kind of a wash, but we learned a crazy amount that only experience can teach. Throughout our whole relationship, we’ve always been on some type of journey towards more meaning in life, which led us back here to Israel where I’m trying to put my wife through medical school.

    As you know from being here, Israel is a pretty intense place, in every sense of the word, and in every facet of life. Throughout our journey, I’ve gone from wanting to change the whole world, to wanting to change my community, and realized that everything comes from working on ourselves, mind and body, and our inner power. I did what you said and tried to think to a time in my life when I really accomplished, and I remembered being 16, wanting to protect and save the world, and only able to crank out 30 push-ups. I started doing 10 sets of 15 a day. Within 6 months, it ended up being 10 sets of 150 a day. That was a powerful time in my life because those 10 4 min burst of power a day forced me to think about what I wanted out of life, and I realize now that in life, as you always say, we first want to eliminate fear. I had a deathly fear of blood as a kid, and I never really knew what made me at 16 decide to train as a medic, but now after 7 years both volunteer and professional experience in some real rough places in the States and here in Israel, I realize that I kept seeing myself destroying my fear as I was cranking out those 150 pushups and 3 min plank 10 times I day, during that same time, I took some extra classes and tough myself Hebrew. I never really realized the power of that time in my life, and how all it took was some hard-core training and visualization while I did it.

    6 weeks ago, my wife came home from her weekly field train in the hospital, and told me that her preceptor diagnosed her with joint hyper-elasticity, a collagen imbalance that cause,s deterioriation of the joint connective tissue. It’s diagnosed by being flexible despite not training, and being able to move joints past 0 degrees into minus. Turns out I have the same thing, and my knees can do it which explains a lot now. Her rheumatology preceptor said that there is no way to strengthen connective tissue, and the only treatment is pain killers. Through googling I found you which drew me to your stuff, and brings us to today.

    I understand that to change ourselves, we have to maximize our power and reduce fear. I started getting it, that to do that, we have to be able to protect ourselves and our families and conquer limits. We live in one of the most beautiful places, but to put it bluntly, the neighbors suck. It wasn’t long ago that buses, cafes, and corner stores were being suicide bombed by terrorists multiple times a week. 4 years ago rockets were hitting where I now live, and to take it one step further, my neighbor 2 floors down, was Regev, one of the guy kidnapped and killed by Hisbollah which started the War in Lebanon. Here in Israel, we don’t have the luxury of fighting ideological wars. Don’t misunderstand me, I have he biggest respect for all our guys and girls defending liberty in Iraq, Afganistan, and all over the world. We’re all fighting the same fight, but here in Israel we don’t get to fight for ideology, we fight only to survive. If we G-d forbid we lose, we don’t just not come home, so do our families and everyone close behind us. As you know, that’s what has made Israeli’s such tough fighters.

    I realize that now with a family, my 16 year old goal of special forces, is more applicable now than every. The difficulty is, in Israel, you try out for special forces at the gibush at Wingate when you’re 16 and join the special units from the beginning of your service once finishing high school. It’s tough to wrap my head around that I’m competing with guys 7 years younger who don’t have any joint pain. I know it’s totally doable, it’s just going to take a a lot of training with most being mental. We realized that Warrior is our best option for making me a fighter, and getting my wife through 4 years of med school and 5 years of residency while we raise a family.

    I’ve got 10 months until I have to report for the gibush tryout and starting now with Warrior, we’re gonna make it happen. Scott, I’ll see you on the flip side when you’re back here training us. My wife reminded me that the only thing I can’t train myself out of is my contacts, the bane of my existence. With 5 Grand, we’ll get our eyes fixed and pay for Boards, my wife’s first med licensing exam. Whether or not we win, I’m happy if this video convinces even 1 more person to change their life with Warrior. Thanks for putting it out, G-d bless you guys and any service men we may be watching this, we own you all our lives. Be safe, and we’re looking forward to your email Monday.

  48. Per Nyberg says:

    Here is my contribution:

    Not the best quality, I know. And I hope you´ll excuse my bad english. It isn´t my fist language :-)

  49. Harry Yuan says:

    Hi everyone
    I couldn’t resist.

    I had a great time making this video. Please let me know what you think.


  50. Stu Mishory says:

    Here is my entry for the give-away.

  51. Nathan Yeldell says:

    Thanks to Scott and the crew for all of their hard work, as well as this incredible opportunity!

    My entry:
    I look forward to getting that email and check soon ;)


  52. Stanford Lee says:

    Coach Sonnon, Coach Barnes,
    Thanks so much for everything. Tacfit Warrior is amazing. I love the 9 Success Principles of Musashi Miyamoto.

    Good luck everyone!!!!!

    Here’s to a great NEW YEAR!!!!


  53. Michael Bottrell says:

    Submissionary entry & invitation to Scott.

    The $5,000 would go a long way toward the mission described in my video. Ricardo, one of the academy leaders in one of the poorest barrios, triples the money we send to him by having his boys put on a BJJ tournament. Last month I attended that competition which had over 600 entrants, and he put the money raised from the entry fees right back into the academy and vocational training for his guys and single moms to learn computer skills. By the way, last year he took three guys from off the street all the way to win world championships in Rio de Janeiro at their belt level, age group, & weight class. I could tell you amazing stories all night long about what warriors like Ricardo do every week to rescue kids right out of the dragon’s mouth.
    I dare,

  54. Raul says:

    Well here it’s my video, and thank’s coach Scott for shering all of this with us…

    Good luck to everyone!!!

    and Keep Training!!!

  55. Adam Crafter says:
    Here is my entry for the contest!!!

  56. Lodro Gyaltsen Tsering says:

    finally finished my video submission for the contest.
    here it is:

    thank you for the opportunity!

  57. Peter Schanz says:

    Scott and Steve-

    Thanks for delivering another great program. Here’s my submission:


  58. VIP VIP says:

    Probably not eligible, but wanted to share anyways. From the war zone.

  59. Gopal R says:

    Scott, Steve

    You guys have done a great job!

    Now it’s time for the rest of us to put our sweat where our mouth is!

  60. Nathan Mass says:

    Here is my Tacfit Warrior $5k challenge video submission
    Best of luck to everyone!


    “The best part about being short, is that I never look down on anyone.”

  61. Paul Perez says:

    Here’s my link for the contest:

    Looking forward to congratulating the winner… but truth be known, we are all winners when we do what’s in this program (don’t tell Scott and Steve this, but I got it for only 97 flippin’ bucks!! There must’ve been an error on the website, but I made off with it for only $97 bucks!!!!)


  62. Guy Bedard says:

    Tacfit Warrior Team~

    Here is my humble submission:
    Thanks for the program!

    Guy Bedard

  63. Wade says:

    Really looking forward to getting started! Here is my video entry:

    Happy Holidays to you and your families!

  64. Nathan says:

    Hey Nate,

    Your video doesn’t seem to load for me. Might want to check it out.

    Good luck all!

  65. Jeremiah Konkle says:

    Tacfit Warrior Purchased!
    Video Made!
    Video Uploaded!

    Checking out all the other videos has been a huge inspiration! Thanks to all!

    Jeremiah Konkle

  66. Karl Wilson says:

    Psyched to get started – and surprised myself by posting a video on youtube.


  67. Charles Andrew Houchin says:

    Hi Everyone!
    Here’s my entry for the contest.


  68. charlie murdach says:

    My guess is that everyone that enters will be doing the program and hence…a winner!

    Legacy is better than currency…how will you make your life and those around you better? Here’s my plan:

    Thanks to Scott and Steven for a comprehensive plan…now if we just had an eating behavior component…. :)

    -Charlie Murdach

    • Nathan says:

      Hey Charlie,

      There is an eating component included! That said, there is no one set in stone method when it comes to nutrition. Personally, I recommend Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat or a similar intermittent fasting lifestyle. I’ve been doing a one meal per day plan for quite a while now and I love it. The important thing is finding a plan that works for you and that you can stick to.


      • Thanks Nathan! you are right, we are all an experiment of 1! It is interesting to see what type of “plan” can be woven into the 4X7 plans that Coach Sonnon cmes up with. I have one he put out with commando (I think)….and it was fun to try…nice to see one is included!

        Thanks again for your attnetion to detail!


  69. Jim and Ruth Olsen says:

    Good luck and blessings to all the entrants! We’ve watched a few of them and it inspiring to see all your stories, goals and dreams. We wish you all well :)

    Thank you to Scott and Steve for the TACFIT Warrior Program and thanks for this contest opportunity!

    Here is our video entry:

    Happy Holidays to all!

    from Jim and Ruth

  70. Thank you Scott and Steve for such a comprehensive program. Here is my entry for the contest:

  71. Morgan Firecloud says:

    Here is my entry into the “TACFIT Warrior $5,000 Fitness Contest!” I’m so happy with this product, it is going to change my life!

    Here is the link for my youtube video



  73. Jason Dorminy says:

    Scott and Steve,
    Thanks for a great product and a great opportunity. This is the first RMAX product I have ever purchase and the first program I have ever done. I think is the perfect one to start with.

    Here is the link to my youtube video.

    (Not sure how to create a hyperlink)

  74. Kevin Lee Dougherty says:

    Here is my entry to the Tacfit Warrior $5,000 giveaway contest:

  75. Nathan Yeldell says:

    Scott and Steve,

    Just in case you missed my comment on my video – while I certainly wouldn’t be upset if I won the whole $5000, you could still send me home with less than half of that. Of course the extra would make my life a lot easier, but I wouldn’t mind sharing the prize with someone else, either. There are so many worthy entries here.

    2011 is gonna be a great year!


  76. Koki Wong says:

    Here’s the link to my youtube video:
    Sorry about the audio, it wasn’t working properly.

    Thanks, again Scott and Steven, for an excellent product!

  77. Dom Kipps says:

    Here is ‘our’ submission – I couldn’t think of better reasons than have already been stated in many other videos, which are pretty sound, so I let the kids & the mrs have a crack at it… Good for a laugh and bit of fun ;-)

  78. Josh says:

    Has the competition been canceled? I thought we would be hearing results yesterday, Monday 20 December? Did something happen? Was the competition actually open to foreigners or only US residents? I know a number of people have the same question, and have not seen anything on this webpage, Scott’s facebook fanpage, or via email. Anyone know anything? Hope everything’s ok, congratulation on the launch, the product is awesome.


    • admin says:

      Of course it wasn’t canceled. :) The winners will be released soon. Our office had a delay last night when one of our people had a medical emergency. The winners will be released soon, along with announcements of several special free releases based upon feedback we’ve received.

  79. Jim and Ruth Olsen says:

    Wow, hope everyone is OK! We are keeping you in our prayers!

  80. admin says:

    Dear Warrior legion,

    Deciding upon the winners for the TACFIT $5,000 Warrior contest tested our limits. The difficulty of selecting the winners rested with the enormous volume of sincere and fascinating entries.

    After much deliberation, we concluded that the stand-out winners were the following:

    1st Place: Harry Yuan

    Harry’s video not only demonstrated the greatest creativity and investment of personal time, energy and thought, but he personally demonstrated the most important aspect of the Warrior ethos: self-effort. “Wisdom loves only the Warrior,” I adopted from Nietzsche. The full quote, “Courageous, untroubled, mocking and violent – that is what Wisdom wants us to be. Wisdom is a woman, and loves only a warrior.”

    There were many worthy entries to the video contest. Harry’s video showcased the Warrior attitude, not because of the incredibly renegade cinematography it displays, but because he studied the material, practiced the movements, and then trained them in many locations, terrains, and altitudes. Regardless of how new the movements were to Harry, and how unconventional they appear to onlookers, he performed and filmed in front of strangers unabashedly. Courageous. Untroubled. Mocking his prior capabilities, and violently opposing his ego’s resistance to personal transformation.

    Wisdom loves a warrior, because the best system in the world remains useless, inert, without the self-effort necessary to initiate effective change. The wisdom of our teachers fall upon our covered ears, closed eyes and shut minds, until we decide to act upon it. And that’s really the Catch-22 of personal transformation: courage, confidence and conviction only come after the time that you need them.

    Harry is a warrior. A role model of those who want to effect change in their lives because he chose to have the courage, confidence and conviction in a course of action, before he had the experience earning those virtues.

    This is always the first step in making radical lifestyle changes. You may not know how. You may not know where, when or even why. Dissatisfaction is not a step; only a prelude. To know that you want change is insufficient and passive. To decide that you will do whatever it takes, even if you don’t currently know how, is the first step.

    This is why Harry has won the contest. As an ambassador for the Warrior ethos, it’s our hope he continues to brashly drive forward toward his horizons for the benefit not merely of himself, but those he touches in his journey.

    2nd Place, we award to Jason Dorminy

    As opposed to Harry, Jason is a first-timer to RMAX. Warrior was his first investment. And yet, his video demonstrated exactly the same attitude as Harry: if you want to overcome the tallest mountains, you need to find a way, or make one… to quote Hannibal.

    What we appreciated about Jason’s contest entry is that despite not having the ability to perform the program currently, he went to his range and depth, and bravely filmed himself with a performance he describes as frustrating. For an athlete and professional trainer, to recognize his limitations, embrace them and demand himself to effect incremental change is extraordinary.

    His words and performance encapsulates the paradoxical combination of tenacity and humility that only a Warrior imbibes. And this critically demonstrates the point of the contest: the Warrior is not created, but evoked. It is something that you can only release from within, because it is woven into our DNA. The Warrior program is not a construction kit, but a ring of keys. We do not build, but unlock.

    Jason earned 2nd place because of his exemplary communication of this key feature to personal transformation. We honor him for sharing that virtue with us and the world, and feel certain that he will help bring the awareness of this innate potential to those he trains.

    3rd place was a challenge, concluding with an impossible tie between
    Helene Lohr and
    Jason Gould

    Helene and Jason crossed the finish line neck and neck in that they both demonstrated in their videos the courage, confidence and conviction necessary to make change in their lives and those they impact. A theme you see echoed above…

    As some of you may have discovered from reading this announcement, or from participating in the contest, the contest itself was a trick. By getting you to verbally and visually commit to participate in the contest, you’ve already taken the most critical step, the hardest part of change…. self-effort and commitment. You’ve put yourself out there, publicly, for the world to see, transparently holding yourself accountable to the dissatisfaction you currently feel. Taking action on insufficiency.

    You see, without being cliche, you’ve already “won.” I learned this through martial art, that the victor is decided before we ever stepped on the mat. Whoever wants it more, whoever accepts that no matter if you get knocked down 8 times, you’ll get up 9, that it’s going to hurt, be dreadfully difficult and probably take longer than you want it to take, you’re going to do it anyway.

    That was the “trick” of the contest. And I thought long on how I could use the challenge for more than mere enticement: I wanted the contest itself to ensure your victory.

    You have inertia now. You’ve started pushing the boulder. Just keep it going. One step. Another. And another. The horizon arrives only this way. Only forward. Only more. Only bigger, better, brawnier challenges.

    Keep on, Warriors.

    Congratulations to Harry, Helene and the Jasons. But more importantly congratulations to each of you for your courage, confidence and conviction to your self-improvement. Now, go kick ass.

    You Dared – You Won!
    Scott Sonnon

  81. Mark Gearhart says:

    Congratulations to the winners. :)

    • Stanford Lee says:

      Congratulations to ALL!… Its True, we are all winners taking the first step which in most cases is the most difficult. Thank you Coach Sonnon and Coach Barnes. Tacfit Warrior is truly another milestone in the health and wellness arean.

      Your humble student always

      • IF and only IF you, our tribe, actually implement and integrate the system, TACFIT Warrior is a success. If it sits on your iPod, then regardless of the potential or the copies sold, it is a failure. In behavior there is truth. We’re pulling for you, because you’re pulling for us!

  82. Per Nyberg says:

    Congratulations to all!! You are worthy winners!

  83. Jason Dorminy says:

    Coach Sonnon, Coach Barnes and all Warriors,
    Wow! I just saw on my email a $97 refund request to ClickBank. I can’t believe it! With all of the incredible submissions I just want to say, “Thank You”.

    Your insightful words regarding my video were very encouraging. After editing my video down, I felt as if I didn’t communicate well. However, you were somehow able to get past the amateur editing transitions and lack of words and understand what I was trying to get across.

    I loved, “The Warrior program is not a construction kit, but a ring of keys. We do not build, but unlock.” Well said. Now, to believe it and to live it. Thank you again for this gift,

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