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  1. Hazem A says:

    Tacfit Warrior is, in my humble opinion, the pinnacle of Mind-Body transformation. It is the ONLY program I know that addresses the crucial connection between Mind AND BODY in a no nonsense way (i.e. not the Be a positive thinker mentality that is useless if one does not couple it with massive action). I purchased Tacfit Commando first and completed my first month before Tacfit Warrior came out. I decided to purchase it immediately (even though I did not finish commando yet) because of the Mind/Neural component. It is my belief that, its one of the BEST investments I have made in myself and my future & present!.

  2. Tim says:

    I just got this last night and am very impressed with the amount of depth of knowledge presented in it, which goes well beyond any other fitness program I have come across. It’s more than just a fitness program, it’s closer to a lifestyle program.

  3. F. Deen says:

    I’m currently in the process of starting out with the Warrior package. I’ve read through the manual and had a look at the videos, and I have decided to make this a life changing move for myself. I am very enthusiastic especially about the goal setting elements of warrior, and how it forces you to write down your goals, how you need to go about achieving them and how to feedback and improve. I want to apply this to certain parts of my life, and I feel this is the time to make those changes, particularly with my fitness, my career and my personal life. Fully committed and ready to go!!!

  4. Josh Masterson says:

    There’s just so much absolutely awesome stuff in here, it’s tough to know where to start. So far I’ve started doing the joint mobility exercises as well as the warm-up and de-stress circuit, while I work my way through the manual. I just wanted to loosen up a bit before I really jump in, and it’s been awesome so far, the amount of though and knowledge you see in this program is impressive…….and what really makes the impact, is knowing that all that work, knowledge, and dedication to this great package is so that we can all benefit and break through whatever we thought were our limits.

  5. Koki Wong says:

    I just ordered the TACFIT Warrior package and I’m really impressed with all the material. I’ve been listening to Steven’s F.E.A.R. audio portion and it’s awesome! The instructional videos are great! Scott does an excellent job presenting the material. He’s very articulate, concise, and very easy to follow. The program’s very versatile and contains beginner to elite levels. I’m excited to hit the ground running with this package. I’ve been involved in the martial arts and training for the last 25 years and have spent thousands of dollars on training materials. Scott’s products are top tier and years ahead of anything I’ve done in the past. I’m looking forward to the journey that Warrior will take me on. Mahalo to Scott and Steven for an awesome program!!

  6. Edson de Castilho says:

    My excitation started soon during the download.
    I’m not a guy who became impressed and excited easily but all the premises about the structure of Tacfit Warrior Program just put me in a state of deep curiosity about the possible applications of such huge project in my practical life.
    I’ve read all the manual and the 9 principles document first then decided to start from Recruit level based on my general good level of preparation in CST /Tacfit programs and on the desire to start exploring deeply the benefits of clean technique / mental –bio chemical asset combination.
    All the theoretic aspects of the program are genially combined in accord of real body/emotion/mind connections knowledge actually available , but my deepest curiosity was on practical effects on me.
    Naturally I can’t talk about long term practical efficiency of the Tacfit Warrior program in my life cause I just start to apply it , but I can describe based on my experience as athlete, cst coach and student of mind /body/emotion integration techniques linked to psychological and transformational aspects , what are my first impression.
    First I must declare that the mental/emotional connected knowledge offered in that program is so complete and exhaustive that ,sincerely, if You “limit” yourself to read the manual and the other material included You’ll economize hundreds of Euros /Dollars in books and audiovisuals to became actualized in the state of the art of most recent acquisitions about mental process , emotional education and integration of those aspects in practical life.
    But probably nobody shall face Tacfit Warrior to remain “limited”.
    The physical part is, as all the Tacfit “stuff” in general ,really valuable in function of gradual increased sophistication , extreme attention to balanced integration of complementary movements as warm up, cool down and the no intensity /low intensity days activities.
    All the levels of physical practice are deeply assembled to be reliable/challengers in a perfect mix to create a rapid and constant impact in the biochemical reactivity since the first approach.
    The tutorial are extensive and precise for a total safe and profitable approach by any level of conditioning People.
    But now I’ll describe the part who really make me literally go mad as a young boy receiving his first new Bike for his birthday!
    The audiovisual simulations of warm up, cool down, strain prevention stress conversion , and all the levels of Tacfit programs are AMAZING.
    That material make the miracle of practically shut off almost all your mental chat!
    I’ve had the “lucky “ to practice my first session soon after an unpleasant personal discussion that interrupt the start of my training session..then..I’ve start to follow the simulation from warm up to cool down… and the miracle…SILENCE in my mind!
    I was really focused on the technique of drills and on the visualizations/integration aspects of the program .
    It was not a causality but I’ve had the chance to appreciate that any time my mind was almost drowned into a dark and low focused state , the calm and continuous voice from the screen has had the power to retake my full presence and focus at the right point, and believe a guy that have experience in struggling to be focused and present to activities in stress conditions, IT WAS A HUGE AND PROFITABLE EXPERIENCE!!
    The Biochemical effect of physical challenge in add with the psychological emotional precise support offered by the Tacfit Warrior program literally put me in a deep higher state and I say it honestly, I have a good experience about exploration of mental /emotional states that push me to deeply recommend the Tacfit warrior program to all the people who want experience a new and deeply revolutionary approach to self improvement in mental/emotional/physical areas at the same time.
    Edson de Castilho -CST Coach-

  7. Miro Bezjak says:

    When TACFIT Warrior was announced, I knew right away I was going to be a part of something big. Each day leading up to the launch I was anticipating the day that I would be getting started. Downloading the actual program has met all my expectations twenty-fold. It has everything I need to be successful, and all the resources I could ask for. The program is in immediate effect in my life. I had been struggling with sleep prior, and since using the Warrior Sleep program 3 times I can truly say it has changed the way I sleep, not only am I falling asleep almost immediately, I am sleeping much deeper and relaxed, giving my body and mind tons of nourishment by doing so. This program is going to go a long way, as there is so much to it. I know I will be integrating it for a long time. It has given me the opportunity to put a fitness system in place that will grow my body to a warrior state. It’s also giving me the opportunity to grow my mind to a warrior state, and accomplish my dreams. I am taking these opportunities, and not looking back. I already have people asking me about the program who have never used CST before. This is something big.
    ~Miro Bezjak

  8. Lenore Balsam says:

    TACTFIT Warrior is the most comprehensive and accessible program for life mastery that I have ever encountered. If you follow the TACTFIT Warrior blueprint, you will not only achieve supreme physical fitness but you will also become self-aware, healthier, goal-directed, resilient, able to deal with stress, successful, and content. You will accomplish all of this with a minimum expenditure of time and enery. Thanks and kudos to Scott and Steven for this very pragmatic program which clearly sets forth the “how-to” in an easy to follow manner.

  9. Lars Focke says:

    Just wrote a german review: http://larsfocke.com/blog/2010/12/17/all-in-one-training-mit-dem-koerpergewicht-mobilisation-kompensation-ernaehrung-und-mentales-training/

    Really like the content I have seen so far. Actually I am working on similar concepts for years but approach the topic from a different angle, many overlaps.

  10. Robert says:

    I downloaded TACFIT last night and started using it today. The material is very detailed, laying out specifically what you need to do and when you need to do it. It covers every aspect of fitness from the warm-up to the cool-down and everything in between. The most comprehensive program I’ve seen.

  11. Martin says:

    Finally practical mind-body integration program, far away from eastern mystical caves and waterfalls and with result oriented approach. Five levels of difficulty are based on everlasting mind principles – so no one can argue ‘This program is not for me.’ Program that can toughen any philosopher and give deeper insight to any tough guy (or gal).

  12. Ryan Mitchell says:

    I started TACFIT Warrior on wednesday when it was released. I’ve done Commando since the February release, and I’ve done missions in ROPE, and Mass Assault. As well as Coach Steer and Murdocks programs. So i knew the first couple of days were going to be light while I figured out what else to do. I have to say this has the best outline and guides of all of the TACFIT programs. It may seem overwhelming at first but really all you need is to know what day you’re on.. and they did the rest..
    I like that the stress and strain days are different than regular warm ups/cool downs. I always felt like i needed extra Intuflow or Prasara to make up the difference. This change will be a huge time saver. The advancement of the Threshold Training program is fantastic, being able to focus the great RMAX programs all in one is huge..
    I look forward to reaching my full potential, and will be forever greatful to all of the Coaches at RMAX.


  13. Raul says:

    Hi, I have just finished my training and all I can say is that TacFit Warrior it’s going to help me a lot in becoming not just a better athlete, but also a better person in real life, because it would make me get more focus on my goals and less desperate with my self and the people around me. The way that the program has been developed it makes it really simple to everyone to understand it and to follow.

    Thank’s and hope to hear from you soon.

  14. Paul says:

    Another great addition to the TACFIT family. Awesome to add the mental training is a valuable tool to making the most out of your training as well as the most out of your life. As always the attention to detail is very apparent. Will love to see how it can fit into a larger template that includes other TACFIT programs such as R.O.P.E and Spetsnaz. Scott and his team continue to put out amazing programs which continue to reinvent the wheel. Look forward to seeing what comes next. Keep up the good work.

  15. Steve Auerbach says:

    Hi guys, when I heard about Tacfit Warrior I was so excited and also impatient to get it. I have other RMAX products and love to incorporate them into all my workouts. I have only just downloaded the material 2 days ago and I am so pumped to get this started. Scott and Steve you have given me some fantastic lifechanging direction and I will give you my all in return. Thanks guys for this and lets get this started.

  16. Eric H. says:

    I’m so glad I ordered the Tacfit Warrior program! Putting so much information in one place will no doubt prove to be the best first step in improving oneself in almost every way. Trust the program , do the work and you’ll see and feel the calm strength and confidence in all areas of your life. Nice job, guys!

  17. noah says:

    Having spent more then a decade attempting to find ways in which to strengthen both the minds and bodies of myself and my students (traditional tkd, gutter fighting, mma, and etc.) I have spared no expense in investigating claims and possible programs. With TACFIT [Warrior] I have found the most complete and comprehensive approach to the material assembled in one readily accessible format with this specific goal predetermined. From reviewing the material of this program I have no doubt that, if used in the proper manner, this program could propel an individual above and beyond what most believe to be personally possible. It will allow for the realization of the absolute of human potential. Having said this, I can only wonder what, if anything can be improved upon in this system and who to write the check out too :).

    I am intrigued and eager to integrate this program into my own routines and possible those of my students.


  18. John says:

    Tacfit Warrior I believe sets the standard for functional fitness, especially if you are looking to enhance your combat readiness. I am still in the middle of tacfit commando, but find myself purchasing all of Scott Sonnon’s programs because I know I will eventually do them. The mental aspect of Tacfit Warrior makes it a must have now even if you are in the middle of a different program.

  19. Dannaman says:

    I was already practicing the Tacfit Commando Package and club-bells products and getting a lot out of them.

    However, I am aware that as a fully rounded human being, you need to work not just on the physical aspect, but also on the mental, emotional and spiritual/energetic. I was impressed to see how much the Tacfit Commando package delivers in those areas. There are a lot of very old and powerful techniques ‘hidden in plain sight’ and repackaged for a modern audience. Congratulations to Sensei’s Scott and Steve for developing this package for us.

    I look forward to using the tools and techniques and adding my own perspiration to them :)

  20. Brad Voller says:

    I find things in my life turn up when I need it, but with this program I wish I had it ages ago. Never mind I would not be the person I am now if I could just go back and change the past. In any event wanting to do better does not mean that we automatically do the best thing for us. There are plenty of examples of well intentioned people hurting themselves thinking they are doing something they should do.
    With this program I believe I can start at a level that is commensurate with my current fitness level and take it as far as I want to go without wrecking my joints or tendons. Instead I came to this program because it really addresses these issues and also flexibility as a part of the most comprehensive fitness program there is. I believe we need to use programs like this at all ages and I particularly like the mental focus of aligning our goals with our beliefs and values. If we can manage to do this early in life it will indeed make us very potent individuals.

  21. Shaun says:

    I discovered TacFit Commando while searching for a valid program with which to regain the fitness I had lost over the years due to injuries, living in sh$tholes and lifestyle changes. I began the Commando program at the same time I purchased a well known program similar to ROPE as well as another program similar to the Spetsnaz Kettlebell regime. It was my original intent to slowly work my way through each program discarding what seemed like hyperbole and filler and trying to combine the best of each program into something workable.

    Luckily for me when I purchased Commando I recieved it instantly (the advantages of a download). Upon reviewing the Commando material I saw that there had not been a need to purchase the other two programs and that my stretching, coordination, and fitness needs would (and have been) met by the Commando program alone. Now several months into the TacFit program I recieved the email advising of the imminent release of TacFit Warrior. Having had such great success in increasing my fitness and flexibility levels I immeadiately decided to aquire and evaluate the Warrior program as well.

    For those of you who are ex-military my easiest summation is this. Why didn’t they use this in boot camp. The TacFit Warrior program is a nuts a bolts no BS program which sets out full body coordination, strenth and resilience as well as alot of the mental feedback exercises and imagery development exercises I learned while in the military and later with law enforcment. This material has alot of new material but also has alot of the great mental hints that are presented during the powerpoint death slides recieved in most tactical classes. The presentation of the material is much better in that it seems to slide into your mind while you are working through the exercises.

    I am not sure how much more this program could have been refined as it literally contains what it took me several years of blood sweat and A@# clenching terror to learn the hard way. The mental exercises / attitude information, presentation is spot on and the range of material covered is incredible.

    I highly recommend this for those of you looking to maintain your fitness levels post military, as well as those on the road to recovery from injuries sustained fighting the good fight. I believe the mental exercises are a great way to work thorough emtional issues and its nice that those are laid out in a positive manner.

    For those lacking time and those who hate “having to plan a workout” the easy breakdown of each exercise as well as the follow along workout logs are an added bonus.

    All in all if you are going to spend the money on a workout program I ask you to consider TacFit Warrior before all the other programs, and in the event your final choice is not Warrior, I have two unopened fitness programs currently listed on Ebay for a great price!

    Stay Safe Brethren

    Former Active Duty Marine /USG Contractor / Law Enforcement Officer

    • admin says:

      Thank you for speaking to the “community” brother, and thanks for all that you’ve done for our country.
      Scott Sonnon

    • Steven Barnes says:

      I am profoundly grateful for your service to this great country, and humbled if our efforts can in any way smooth the path for our brothers and sisters in uniform.

  22. Having done both Commando and FlowFit, as well as met with both Steve Barnes and Coach Sonnon just prior to Threshold, Warrior definitely takes integration to a new level.

    The Warmup and Cooldowns have more emphasis than Commando on non-clenched moves, not under extension tension. Gratifying for someone watching his blood pressure — these are more dynamic. And the additional programs for Stress and Strain prevention permit greater exploration in unbinding on the No and Low Intensity days, besides just the Warmup and Cooldown in Commando.

    As stated by Coach Sonnon, the vast majority of the bodywork movements are new — no rehashing, here. And the Lite and Pre-Recruit levels give greater access to the program, for folks with more modest needs, not aspiring (yet) to tactical operator status.

    And the mental, emotional, spiritual dimension…long overdue. The first time besides Threshold and FlowFit that these have ever been incorporated to any real degree. Just scratching the surface, here, but more than enough to form the foundation for any kind of prep, with a proven structure, incorporating bodywork.

  23. Michael Hartrich says:

    I decided to buy the program after reading the sales page. I’m glad I did now that I’ve had a chance to look at it. I’m 58 and in good shape for my age. For the past four years my focus has been body-weight exercises. Also the mind-body connection via breath. TACFIT covers that all that. It’s obvious that both Coach Sonnon and Coach Barnes know their stuff. I’m starting slow with the Lite, even though I could do more. It’s more important to me to first take in the information by practicing it. I’ll ramp it up soon enough. Good job on TACFIT!

  24. Darrell W says:

    I just purchased the TACFIT Warrior package because of the cross brain training and the stepped into approach for integrating the whole system into a complete lifestyle. I am a personal results coach and the concepts that Steven talks about all work and I use them with my clients every day! This is a complete system that not only will I use, but will incorporate into my teaching as a martial arts instructor to empower my students to access the warrior in all of them! Thanks for making this available for so many and helping to make a real difference in our world!

  25. David Clements says:

    TACFIT Warrior is, quite simply, the most advanced program for mind/body/spirt development I’ve ever seen (and I have seen A LOT)! All RMAX products are fantastic, but Warrior represents the pinnacle. I am so excited to have such an easy-to-follow roadmap to the height of the Training Hierarchy Pyramid. The program could not have been made simpler (easier certainly, but not simpler!). Every day I wake up (after a great night’s sleep thanks to Warrior Sleep) literally, literally, excited to take on a new day of opportunities. I know exactly what I’m supposed to do each step of the way. The sheer brilliance of the CST Tri-Ring Integration shines beautifully in TACFIT Warrior.
    I have so much energy, not just from the physical training, but also from the clarity and passion I feel with respect to my goals and purpose. I feel almost unstoppable; it’s incredible. Thank you Coach Sonnon, and thank you Coach Barnes. (I ‘m actually hesitant to write a glowing review for concern that it won’t be taken seriously, but TACFIT Warrior deserves every praise I could bestow.)

  26. Damien says:

    I am an avid supporter of all things RMAX and have been for quite some time now.

    Of course, after the marketing and the suggestion of mind-body connection I had to get Warrior and did so in the pre-launch phase even.

    Upon first, very brief, look through I wasn’t that impressed. The footage wasn’t shot in as easy to watch manner as TACFIT Commando and a lot of the material seemed the same again. A skim through the manual didn’t even seem to have that much new information either.

    And then I spent more time checking it out. I have watched the videos of all the levels and the progression from Lite to Commando is fantastic and I think one of the strongest points of this program is how accessible it can be to the complete newbie. The Lite workout program is essentially a mobility based workout and I can quickly see how it will provide a fantastic way for someone who hasn’t moved their bod much in a while to get back into fitness in a gentle and powerful manner and without a doubt prepare them for higher levels of intensity. As such I highly recommend this as an entry program to anyone and everyone just getting back into fitness or coming across CST for the first time.

    And then I read the manual all the way through. What I was most interested here was the section on the mind-body connection and goal setting. In the manual it was brief, yet concise and detailed enough for it to make immediate sense to me. I have no doubt that this can work, that through the application of these small strategies to incorporate my goals, my process into my workout can make huge changes in my life.

    Excited to forge the path ahead with this powerful new tool in my toolbox!

    Thanks Coach.

    • Damien says:


      I forgot to mention I have added the Strain prevention and Stress conversion to my current program on No and Low intensity days and find both a valuable addition.

      Strain prevention is another new twist on an intu-flow session. In this program there are high reps for each joint movement which I found I really enjoyed and went very deep in flushing the tension out of my joints.

      Stress conversion is a short sequence of yoga poses which I performed in the morning and left me feeling smooth and supple all day, particularly around my back and hips.

      I am enjoying already the addition of this into my life.

  27. Linda Brown says:

    I am excited to add yet another CST component
    to my TACFIT lifestyle. I have never experienced
    such a holistic approach to mental and physical
    fitness as Warrior. I feel more invigorated and balanced after
    any CST taxing work out/play outs.
    I believe Warrior is going to top them all.

    Thanks RMAX for sharing this life giving ‘herb’ & hope.



  28. Chris Hobbs says:

    This is the next evolution in fitness, taking what has been presented in the other programs to a while new level.

    I love that this program offers the additional levels as my wife had been wanting to train in this style but when I was doing Commando the recruit level was still too much. These new options really open up the train as a unit possibility.

    The mental material is amazingly clear, concise, and moving. I can’t wait to put it to use in my current program. That I can put this material to use in other programs makes it worth the price of the program by itself.

    Thanks Coach (and Steve) for giving me the next tool for my journey and making it so universal so wherever my journey takes me I will have a use for it!!

  29. Miykael says:

    Tacfit Warrior is another in a fine line of CST products that continue to push new boundaries. This time Coach Sonnon with the help of Steve Barnes go deeper into Mental/Emotional Preparedness At first I admit I was underwhelmed since it used tabata and the mod/high days featured same exercises.

    I really dug Tacfit Commando(completed Recruit level last year) However after further review of the material in Warrior I was impressed with mind/body connection/goal setting part of the program and some of the new bodyweight variations. Plus the Strain Prevention/Stress Conversion and the constant new variations of warm-ups continue to evolve to a new level. As a licensed hypnotherapist/NLP practioner I dug the Warrior Sleep. Although I don’t have trouble sleep persay, I feel this might help achieve deeper levels of rest and focus in my physical training.

    The manual, calendars, and charts are probably my fave of the Tacfit fleet. I would like to see Higher Res Videos and the Diet book isn’t much different than Commando just to nit-pick a bit. The video quality and production looks cheap compared to most stuff out there. This isn’t a major issue for me, but some it might annoy since a lot of people are wrapped up in that sort of thing. I haven’t had time to even review everything as throughly as I like so this is just make feelings after a few observations. I look forward to working with mental aspect of this even in my current training.

    I plan to add the Strain Prevention and Stress Conversion to my No/Low days. I am currently doing Tacfit Spetsnaz KB program and plan to go through all the levels. I might take on Warrior after that.

  30. Miykael says:

    PS. I also like how the LITE version to make this training accessible to almost anyone regardless of their condition and how the progressions can slowly take one to greater degrees of sophistication.

  31. Gilbert Henry says:

    I like the LITE version to help me ease into this growth experience. An amazing abundance of material
    for the price and for the better of my health. Thank you TACFIT.

  32. Adam Vaughan says:

    Tacfit warrior is the culmination of everything you have been doing and has changed the way I look at the way I do everything. From exercise, nutrition, work, my marriage. I have commando, rope, kb spetsnaz, I have the original threshold videos, flowfit I&II, be breathed. You name it, I have it because I trust your teachings! But this has completely changed the game for me. All the other programs, great in their own right and a wonderful workout for the body, but the way this material has worked my mind, and in a matter of days changed the way I approach my daily life is truly mind blowing, that is the only way to explain this.

    Thank you so much.

    • Steven Barnes says:

      To simplify the mind-body connection even more:
      1) use “be breathed” during the movement.
      2) 5X a day, during ordinary activities, stop and center your breathing.
      3) notice the way your breathing changes based on your activities and stress levels.

      Just doing this, while performing the physical program, will give mind-blowing results.

  33. Don says:

    I concur with Robert above, I too just downloaded TACFIT last night and started using it today. There is SOooooo much GREAT material here that it is hard to adequately qualify how GOOD this package is for the price, but moreso, for the “HOW TO” in the program…..[process + end product] (an improved all-around-self) Head to Toe!!! …to include Heart. The most comprehensive program I’ve used so far. Thanks………

  34. Harold Jackson says:

    The “9 principles” document distills a tremendous amount of useful knowledge and wisdom into a few very readable pages. Just starting the excercises so will wait until later to comment on the program, but the bonus material alone is worth the price IMO.

  35. Glenn Sunshine says:

    As a 52 year old guy coming off a hip problem that has kept me from doing much physically for over a year, I was intrigued by what Tacfit Warrior had to offer. I should be able to take on the physical exercises before long–my doc has all but cleared me–but what I was most interested in was less the physical side of things and more the psychological and mental dimensions. I mean, I have a bunch of RMAX and Tacfit programs that I haven’t been able to work with much, so although I’m sure Warrior has a lot to offer, I could get by for quite a while with what I’ve got already. But the psychological stuff–that’s a different thing. I have read and studied a variety of success books over the years, but have never been able to find the key to make them stick. In the Warrior manual, however, there is a simple, step by step approach to changing the things in your life you need to change. It’s similar to a lot of what I’ve read before, but with a number of valuable adjustments to the methods I’ve seen that make it a lot more likely that I’ll actually be able to use it consistently. And the idea of integrating them into exercise is pure genius. I’ll probably have to wait until January for that, but once I get the all clear, I’m on this big time. And in the meantime, the success steps outlined in the manual are something I can apply right away. Even without the exercise component, I can see that these will make a big difference in my effectiveness in my daily life.

  36. Guy Bedard says:

    Hi Scott & Stgeve~

    Thanks for Tacfit Warrior! I jumped into the program yesterday and am really liking it! I like it because it is indeed plug n’ play as you indicated, there nothing hard about it except finding the fortitude to get the rep my mind says I can’t get right now! Get the appropriate chart out and get the matching video and hit ‘play’. Wipe sweat! Rinse and repeat 4×7!

    For me Tacfit Warrior is step towards a lifestyle change rather than another workout. I’ll be using Tacfit Warrior as the model to get other projects done in my immediate future and beyond.

    Thanks again,
    Guy Bedard

  37. Brett Lechtenberg says:

    Great program! I have added the commando program to my martial arts training and as soon as I digest this material it will be added to my program. You did a great job puting this package together. Tacfit Warrior is a great fit for anyone at any activity level and will help anyone get in better shape.

  38. Don Rankin says:

    Tacfit Warrior
    I’ve been into various aspects of physical training for a lot of years. I was following a fairly good kettlebell training regimen when I ran across Tacfit Rope. I was looking for something to add dimension to the exercises I was using. The ROPE sessions opened a new vista. First thing you know I was adding Spetsnaz KB and Tacfit Mass Assault to my list. Just yesterday I added the Warrior to the fold. I am currently at Grunt level in Spetsnaz and will finish before moving on to the other programs. I have trained in martial arts for years and am accustomed to the discussion of mind/body connection. However, I must say that the Tacfit programs really bring it all together. I’ll give a personal example. I am past so-called retirement age. Parts of my body had gotten a bit stiff and creaky. Especially after a fall from a pretty good height. I have been using weight training coupled with rehab exercises for shoulder and spine injuries for several years. When I first got down on the floor warming up with sit outs I was not sure how it was going to go. It was a bit difficult. The cossack was a bit of a challenge as well. Now these two movements are a part of my favorites. I’m still not picture perfect, at least on the cossack, but even though I could throw around some decent poundages I had gotten to the point where I could not do a full squat. I am working on it and making great progress. To the younger crowd this may not seem like a big deal but just wait a few years and see if your opinion changes.

    The bottom line for me is that these programs are helping me achieve mobility I have not had in years along with a sense of increased muscle control. The progress is real. My thanks to all of you who have helped develop the method. This is the REAL DEAL.

  39. Stephen says:

    Other than “Ageless Mobility” DVD, I have not used any other RMAX product.

    I’m glad I purchased TACFIT WARRIOR.
    I believe it will provide opportunities for a more fluid connection to my body and clarity of thought in my thinking. I like the physical and mental aspect of learning the various exercises in program… along with progressive Levels Of Difficulty. It’s laid out in a clear way, and the video’s specifically show and describe what needs to be done.

    I’m curious as how I will use TACFIT WARRIOR with other types of exercise that I like to do. Presently, along with Mobility drills, I train with Kettlebells (3x’s per week) and run (3x’s per week). A part of me does not want to let go what has been working (well) for me.
    And… I can see the value of this program… and its potential impact in my well-being.

    It will be a blast to see how this body-mind mechanism (me!) integrates all this good stuff.
    In appreciation… and looking forward to the adventure!

  40. Todd Pigram says:

    I got TacFit warrior as an early Xmas gift from my wife. This program at first reminded me of TacFit commando, until I actually tried it. I was blow away. Today was my mod day on the PreRecruit level and the combination of the exercises and the visualization added together has taken the program to another level. As mentioned above, the goal setting and imagery add to the program make it head and shoulder above others. The program is well put together. Another great product from RMAX.

    Thanks Scott and Steven for the great program!


  41. Louis Burns says:

    I almost didn’t buy TACFIT Warrior because I just finished the grunt level of TACFIT Commando. Add in ROPE, Kettlebell and Mass Assault, and I still have around a year of TACFIT materials already.

    After reading the manual, I see the mental component I’ve been missing in fitness. I’ve always been focused on what I was doing but this takes it to a whole new level. I can’t wait to get started with it. I can apply the mental component to all the other programs and any other physical activity I do in the future.

    Also, I really like that there are easier levels included in Warrior. I started Commando with my wife but the recruit level was too hard for her to complete. Now she has something that she can really do.

    My only regret for the TACFIT programs is that I didn’t take a picture of myself before I started. I thought the James Bond physique was hype but I really did get that way – trim torso, well defined arms and bulging triceps.

    I got down to my basic training weight though I’d say I’m in much better shape now than I was then. In doing TACFIT since July, I’ve lost 10 lbs and went from 9% body fat to 6%. I’m now 5′ 8″ and 155 lbs.

    One thing I would like to see is a forum.

    I’d also like to hear comments about integrating the Body By Science protocol. I was thinking Mass Assault might be that but it’s not. I’d also like to hear about how to put in a running routine in the event I decide to run a 10K, half or full marathon too. And how about intermittent fasting as recommended in The Warrior Diet by Hofmekler? I think that’s been an important key to my weight loss as well.

    Thanks for such a valuable contribution to our health!


  42. Lynn Kromer says:

    You’ve read all the other reviews and in my opinion, are spot on about this program. Bang for the buck? …. from my experience it dosen’t get any better than this. The structure, outline, displine and quality of the program and the videos is second to none. I would have to rate this my “best buy” of 2010

  43. Jonathan says:

    I missed out on the sale of Tacfit Commando during the summer. Bummer! I learned my lesson though. I wasn’t about to miss out on the Tacfit Warrior sale. Living in Europe, I believe I was one of the first persons to purchase and download the program when it became available. Today I finish the first cycle and all I can say is that I am impressed. The instructionals are clear and thorough and the exercises incredibly challenging. I also have been looking for a simple start up program for my wife and this fits the bill. After the New year, she will be starting the Warrior Lite program.

    I have done some triathlons and running races. By far, my favorite discipline is running. I also have been doing some intermittent fasting (ala Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon) in the past 6 months which seems the least complicated way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So my questions would be similar to Louis Burns’: How to integrate Warrior with other goals and what does Scott think about IF.

  44. Just recently bought the TACFIT WARRIOR package after first bying the Commando, ROPE and… well actually I have most of Scott’s stuff since he brought out his Russian combat based vid’s. One of my jobs is to ‘feed’ the Dutch National Karate squad but also the Dutch Police forces with the right mental and physical ‘nutrition’. One of the things lacking in this is a integration of mental and physical training. That means, or the work with a sport psychologist or they work with a physical conditioning trainer. As a human movement scientist and neuro scientist I was always looking for a way to combine the two. To my humble opinion the WARRIOR program enables me to do so.

    drs. Jan Bloem

  45. Austin says:

    I have been integrating Scott’s material into my workouts for a bit over a year now and have been impressed with everything. However life quickly got busy and I got lazy. I kept taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back and am not proud of this. In other words I found too many excuses not to do what I know I should have been doing to stay healthy and I let myself down. After reading through all of the material and getting back on the exercise wagon I can honestly say I am pretty damn excited! I wasn’t going to order this because I have the Commando program but I am very glad I did. The difference maker here is the mental component.

  46. Jarek says:

    For Years I looked for something what help me to deal with playing soccer consequences.
    I used to be a semi professional and still like to play.The results are unbalanced body, remains of injuries, short hamstrings. I tried yoga and other stuff but it was boring.

    By pure chance I came across intuflow, then body flow and finally TACFIT.
    It helped me a lot with my physics but still a long way in front of me (I hope – I am 41)
    Now I got TACFIT Warriors and see that there is something more.
    I will try it and some way I am really sure I will not be disappointed.

    Everything I got from Scott was fantastic !

  47. beths says:

    i am a runner and i have been looking for ages to incorporate some additional training to running without feeling “bulky’ or heavy legs. I am really excited to start the warrior training.

  48. Jeffrey Samson says:

    My initial review of TACFIT Warrior (without test driving it yet).
    -I love the instant access download. No more waiting for days wondering when you’ll receive that package in the mail. Downloading process was smooth with no issues for me.
    -Truly turn key fitness product. The program has all the PDF’s and videos you need to get started. Just plug and play. What would make this package even better is an audio download (for the mp3 players w/o video capability) to go with each of the simulation videos. Steven’s voice and words on the videos is priceless and absolutely needs to be available in an audio format. The PDF’s calendars are great way to keep track of your progress. Pleased to see that the PDF’s not only have space for training notes but also for your life goals (huge plus).
    -Love that there’s five levels of sophistication to choose from. I’m especially impressed that the Lite program was included because it makes the program accessible to more people.
    -Can not say enough about the bonuses included in the introductory offer. Plenty of great material to aid in achieving your personal goals. The bonuses made me feel like I was getting so much more for money. That’s one of the best feelings a consumer can have.
    -I attended a few of the Path workshops and can say that the collaboration between the two is spectacular. It’s great to see TACFIT Warrior come to life. One of the unique things about this TACFIT program is that it is in collaboration with Steven Barnes. Steven definitely adds a gigantic wealth of experience and knowledge. I’d be very interested in seeing future installments of programs where Coach Sonnon is collaborating with Steven Barnes or even coaches that are not necessarily from the RMAX/CST world.

  49. Nathan Yeldell says:

    TACFIT Warrior is the newest addition to the TACFIT arsenal, and arguably the best. While all of the TACFIT programs are incredible, I’m personally attracted to those that require no equipment at all and can thus be performed literally at any time, anywhere. This is why I fell in love with TACFIT Commando and grabbed it as soon as it was released. It’s an incredible program. But… it was missing just one thing.

    As any great martial artist or world-class athlete will surely attest to, you cannot separate the mental and the physical. They are two sides of the same coin… the yin and the yang. While you may be able to go pretty far only focusing on the physical, you’re not going to make it to the top, or even to the elite level. TACFIT Commando was enough to get you close, but by covering the mental aspect as well TACFIT Warrior has filled in that gap and thus is fully adequate to take you above and beyond – to the elite, to the top.

    Having just received the program, there are still a number of things I don’t feel confident in commenting on, but as an overall package TACFIT Warrior is all anyone could ask for. Big thanks to Scott and Steve for putting this together and making it available to all of us.

    See you at the top.

  50. Ron says:


    I wasn´t sure whether or not to go for Tacfit Warrior, having already
    played with TacFit Commando and some good results. But the deciding factor
    was the addition of the mental component. I downloaded everything last
    night, no technical problems, which is a great. Furthermore the Warrior
    Sleep component also provides an additional recovery method to the Strain
    Prevention and Stress Conversion modules. As a whole the package is very
    challenging, clearly structured and definitely value for money. I look forward
    to integrating this early Christmas present into my daily life with some sweat
    and a few smiles along the way. Thank you.

  51. Bruno Chevalier says:

    I purchased the TACFIT Warrior program during the launch sale.
    Since I already have followed TACFIT Commando (got to grunt level), I searched for the differences.
    I really like the new exercises that were added + the stress conversion.
    The most important reason I bought the Warrior program in addition to Commando is the mental part, although I must say that the bonuses like FlowFit and Threshold training were a big pro too.

    I really like bodyweight training and TACFIT Warrior gives me that. The Commando program already gave me the great energy boost I was seeking, and this continues by using the exercises in the Warrior program. However, now I get better and deeper sleep by using the Warrior Sleep audio and I have even more energy.
    I like to get out of my bed for a change, because there are so much goals to be achieved and there is so much to be enjoyed in a day.
    You can’t waste your precious time while sleeping in.

    I like the videos, even though they could do with some better quality. Anyways, that doesn’t matter for the simulation videos, because you’ll be working out while you’re doing them, so you won’t have time to watch the fancy details.

    If you’re in doubt about buying the Warrior or the Commando program, i recommend you buy the Warrior program first and once you’ve completed it, buy the Commando (or ROPE or kettlebell) program to spice things up. That way you can incorporate the mental aspect in the other programs.

    All in all, I’m very happy with this program.

    • Bruno Chevalier says:

      Scratch my comment on the resolution of the videos.
      Scott and Steven have added high resolution videos for the people that want them, so the program got even better.
      Thanks for listening to the feedback guys.

  52. Mehmet Varol says:

    There was some research I came across some time ago which states that your mind fails before your body does. I have observed this many a time in myself. In one set failing to complete the reps and getting focused on the next and flying through them. Entirely dependent on what is on my mind. Enter TACFIT Warrior!

    The TACFIT Warrior programme has a simple way of overcoming your inner exercise demons through simple goal setting, visualisations and positive affirmations. What I like in particular is that the goals are imprinted into your subconscious through multiple learning modalities. As you’re working through the exercises you’re reminded to remember your goals, which is like mental flash photography seeing in your minds eye. One of the key things I learnt about goal setting is that you’ve got to believe you can do it with emotion…what better way to emote when sweat is pouring off you trying to squeeze another rep?

    The methods taught are a clever way of suppressing the inner exercise demons and telling them to go away and I believe this could help in all other areas of your life and jump to the “I am failing but I am doing it anyway” attitude Coach Sonnon mentions in the 9 principles materials.

    Apart from the new engaging the mental aspect the exercises, warm ups, cool downs and the new mobility and compensation exercises appear to have a lot more thought gone into it which excites me to think what I am about to experience and discover the treasures hidden for us. The programme has a lot more to it than I can describe as it has many layers as well as several bonuses.

    In conclusion, I think TACFIT Warrior might be the closest thing in the market where the limitations of the left brain learning are overcome by incorporating the right hand hemisphere which is only possible in the sci-fi world today. As in the Matrix movie Morpheus trains Neo in the martial arts through tapping into his right brain through what appears to be through dynamic visual imagery in compressed time experiencing everything at the same moment! I wonder whether Coach Barnes had anything to do with the script :-)

    Thanks to Coach Sonnon and Barnes for putting this great package together for us.

    • Steven Barnes says:

      Coach Sonnon and I collaborated on every word. It would be impossible to take full credit for anything in the program–it was a labor of love and synergy in the very best sense of the word.

  53. DW says:

    The combination of both mind and body education in TACFIT Warrior address not only the critical components of exercise but also of life. Hearing about the mental and physical results others have achieved with the program makes me excited to see what I can achieve with the program. After using other programs with in the TACFIT suite, I have noticed a real impact on my physical capabilities; I can last longer and move better. With TACFIT Warrior I am looking forward to developing similar mental qualities – being able to focus better for longer. Thanks for putting together this amazing program!

  54. MF says:

    Workouts are fun and surprisingly tough! Nice integration of many aspects of training – incredible value, even without the bonuses!

  55. Trever Richards says:

    This is Awesome! With the focus on mind and body, building not just physical strength, but mental toughness, as well. It is the one of the reasons i first got into, and continue, trainning with TACFIT. I own all the previous released TacFit programs, and love them all. But, reading through the material and going through the first few workout, you realize the genius of Scott Sonnon; he puts these programs together in such an “easy to follow” way, you start to achieve thing you never though possible, and to tell the truth, you weren’t even trying. It just happened. All that was needed was constancy in training and a little sweat.

    Thank you, Scott and Steve. I’m looking forward to seeing what i can accomplish with this program. It will be amazing, i’m sure.

  56. Matt says:

    Tacfit Warrior is promoted as a mind-body exercise system that will work for anyone. Like other RMAX products it is a complete and comprehensive physical sytem. It includes specific warmups to prime the joints for exercise, compensatory cool-downs, workouts covering the six degrees of movement, 5 levels of movement complexity, stress prevention and strain prevention. As always Coach Sonnon’s explanation of the movements is accessable to the average person, yet fully detailed. Also, included in the manual is mental exercises to help one reinforce habits and achieve one’s goals. I have yet to put in the work for Tacfit Warrior, so I can not speak of its effectiveness. However, I am familiar with Tacfit Commando and I have heard of the eliciting the nuero-endocrine response during intense physical exercise and coupling that with visualization from Coach Sonnon before. I have to say that it alone is a powerful tool of transformation. It can give you the confidence that nothing will stand in the way of achieving your goals, not even yourself.

  57. Herman Chauw says:

    I was hesitant of buying Warrior at first, since i already had Commando. But i went ahead to take advantage of the launch special anyway.

    What i like about this package are:

    1) A lot more details in the manual. The manuals from Commando onwards were getting longer and longer every time. And that means more details. Great for the beginner to CST and TACFIT to make sure that they do not stray away from the right path.

    2) The Strain Prevention and Stress Conversion videos. Though these are not the full blown Intu-Flow and Prasara programs, they are presented in a concise manner, which i liked since Commando. Previous programs from Scott used to be very long. Not that it is bad but there were probably too many details which people could make do without initially. Videos are short and dense which saves a lot of precious time especially for the tactical operator.

    3) The training program proper is more compact than Commando. 5 months vs 9 months for Commando. And the Lite and Pre-Recruit Levels are great for people who are really deconditioned or not in tune with their movements. Some have commented that some exercises in Commando were too difficult to start with (read Push Ups) and the creation of new lower levels is a great job. Well not forgeting the higher levels are more complex and pose more coordination challenge than Commando.

  58. David Sofi says:

    Turning 67, working 50+hours/week in a job for young people who typically burn out or fall out with bad backs before they reach 30, and raising/caring for two special needs family members, one 5 and one 93, requires a True WARRIOR SPIRIT and WARRIOR BODY. This program is awesome. I’m just into it, although I’ve tried the free lessons in the past, and this blows me away. The additional materials from Steven Barnes are worth the whole price of the program. But, they are integrated so well with the whole program that even a half-hearted attempt to follow the program will help you succeed. I don’t endorse many products or services, but this one deserves kudos. The approach covers all aspects of improving: physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spirit. When I started realizing benefits, observable benefits, in less than 24 hours, I knew there was gold in this program. I highly recommend TACFIT WARRIOR to all, and I need to thank Tim Larkin at TFT for endorsing it to me.

  59. Steve Justus says:

    The latest and yes, the greatest of the TACFIT series. I haven’t had extensive experience with the program because it’s just been released, but I’m already seeing some benefits in a few short days. My previous experience with TACFIT programs has convinced me they are effective and deliver what they promise and then some. TACFIT Warrior goes one step beyond all the previous programs and brings out far more depth in the mental aspects of training – not just more than previous TACFIT programs, but more than any other fitness or exercise program I am aware of. This is trail-blazing material that will not only raise your physical fitness but your fitness for any challenge you will face. The manuals are better than ever, and the bonuses have real value – they aren’t just throw-ins. As someone just on the other side of 50, I appreciate the additional attention paid to recovery in the Strain Prevention series included. Even if you’re in your physical prime, you’ll find these useful.

    If you don’t have any of the other TACFIT programs, start with this one. It has more material for beginners and de-conditioned people than any other TACFIT program. Even if you do have other TACFIT programs, you really should get this one if you can, because it has new information you won’t find elsewhere that will enhance the value of all your existing TACFIT programs. TACFIT Warrior is the apex of the TACFIT series, but don’t just take my word for it – experience it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

  60. Ray Garlington says:

    This program integrates personal goal setting with an excellent series of tacfit warrior style exercises. Along with goal setting are various psychological techniques and aids to help you meet these personal goals. It is an exciting program. Why?

    Because IF YOU ACTUALLY START THE PROGRAM you will take your first steps toward releasing your full potential. IF YOU CONTINUE, you will achieve it. The rest of your life is before you. Take the wheel and steer.

  61. Niklas Hibbs says:

    Tacfit Warrior is, like it’s predecessors designed to unleash your full potential, make you better in almost every respect, like it’s predecessors it grants the user functional strength, mobility, endurance, speed, and complete control of your body. This new addition adds in the feature of taking senior disc jockeys all the way to their prime state and many mental aspects that no other program I know has. It is in all respects perfect for anyone who wants to have control over a strong, functional body resistant to injury and exhaustion. No matter who you are Tacfit Warrior will take or guide you to your full potential, Physically, Mentally, and give you the vanity part too. It is a complete mind-body plan, you won’t need anything else, it is complete.

    I have been doing Tacfit Commando and know they deliver on their results and can’t wait to reap the benefits of this truly complete LIFE program.

  62. Roy says:

    I have been looking over different fitness programs online for the past two and one-half years. This is the first program that addresses the issues that I have been having with my lower back for the past 32 years. Since I have retired about 3 years ago, I have continued to have recurring lower back pain. Lately, I’ve come to realize that it is due to muscle imbalances in my thorax area and restrictions in my hip area. The Tactfit Warrior program addresses these areas daily in the 4 day wave program. I have already noticed the benefits in the improvement of my joints when I follow the strain prevention program right after shoveling snow. I really look forward to the potential benefits after completing my first 28 day mission. None of the movements that I have tried so far have caused any pain in my lower back area. I am really excited to be on the way of feeling better than I have in years and to be able to play with my two (of 6) children who are still living at home as well as my first grandchild – without the discomfort that normally comes after this! Thank you for making your expertise available to everyone. I also have a number of work projects and other transformational goals that I look forward to achieving with the information provided by both coaches Sonnon and Barnes. Thank you again, and I hope that you, your families and your team have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

  63. After all the waiting, TACFIT Warrior is finally here. And it’s up to the promises.

    I’m a fan of bodyweight exercises. And portable software. ??? What’s the catch? Well, I like to be portable. I have most of my software programs as portable applications on an external hard-drive. And I like portable fitness. I enjoy to use my body gym.

    Coach Sonnon has already taken care of the portable aspect with TACFIT Commando.

    But now, with TACFIT Warrior, we have a complete system. Not only fitness, but beyond fitness. Coach Sonnon and Coach Barnes are giving us a lifestyle changing program, that can help us achieve our goals in all aspects of our life: physical, mental, emotional, relational, etc.

    Thank you again for this great resource.

  64. Jen Jaxon says:

    Less than 5% of citizens and soldiers living with and suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) get the help and treatment we really need. Many of us don’t even KNOW that our problems are mostly one BIG problem: A neurological insult over which we have had little or no control – UNTIL NOW.

    TACFIT Warrior is a Mind/Body system like no other. In my 15 years of neurological research and 8 years of TBI rehab I have discovered a few components of Warrior scattered in myriad places. Some through trial and error, others were tools given to me by the many occupational/physical/speech therapists I’ve seen over the years. Much of the information in Warrior is all new to me, and the integrations are absolutely revolutionary.

    High Stress (and/or strain) is highly destructive to a neurological system already working overtime to function around disabilities. TACFIT Warrior addresses the stress in the best possible way – a mind/body connection. I feel stress not only my mind, but I hold that tension throughout my body. The Stress Conversion Workout addresses these issues perfectly. It allows me to exercise my body without breaking it down. I can feel the effects in my mind and body after a workout. I have increased energy and focus and am able to go through my day efficiently and effectively. I have only done the Warrior Lite exercises, not the mental focus components, and it has made a significant difference for me. I could feel the ‘healing tingle’ in my brain, in the words of a previous therapist. I felt the tingle after only 5 minutes of slowly moving through Warrior Lite, as opposed to intense cognitive therapies and hours of training in Tae Kwon Do, Yoga, and meditations.

    Insomnia is another big problem for me, and let me tell you: Warrior Sleep is THE FASTEST solution I have found in 8 years. About 10 to 15 minutes past the end of the audio I was asleep. And I slept for six hours, at night! So often I can’t sleep and the next day I’m cranky, groggy, eventually passing out. Other therapies for insomnia have not lasted longer than a month (supplements, etc) or proven disastrous – as in prescription muscle relaxers, anxiety drugs, anti-depressants (bad-bad-bad drug side effects).

    Have I mentioned my rheumatoid arthritis? PTSD? Old fractures in my hip, low back, neck, and shin? How about the vertigo? Or the obesity damage (at 5’5” I used to weigh 315lbs)? There are components of TACFIT Warrior to address them ALL. This Mind/Body system – is simply amazing. It is the future.
    TACFIT is so deep and multi-faceted-amazing I have no doubt I will succeed in my endeavors. I’m going after a quality of life higher than any I have ever experienced, even before my injuries.
    And I’ll make it!
    Watch Me. ProjectReJEN.blogspot.com

  65. Jen Jaxon says:

    Happy Holidays Everyone! Peace

  66. Stoyan Shopov says:

    Thank you for yet another outstanding RMAX product. It is hard to truly appreciate the depth and sophistication of coach Sonnon’s work. People who’ve tried it think it’s great, but it’s really a lot better than that.

    TACFIT Warrior (TW) is the latest installment in the TACFIT series and as such has learned from all the previous ones:
    -the TACFT Commando manual was fairly skimpy, while TW’s is a decent 94 pages.
    -the No and Low intensity days get dedicated programs while the Moderate and High days have shortened warm up and cool down.
    -goal setting is incorporated in the calendars.
    -the tasks/movements are new, fun and effective.

    There are some minor things which could be improved in the future:
    -the videos are bit grainy and takes many clicks to download each one individually. A .zip file with the whole package (or each individual level) would be a good option to have.
    -the RESET breathing method should have been included for the benefit of any newcomers.
    -the manual could be expanded to include a bit more theory (just like there are people for different mission levels, there are people interested in a Commando level manual):
    +how does TW fit in with the rest of the RMAX products;
    +provide a sample annual periodisation for specific needs (e.g. martial artists or athletes);
    +even more background into how the program was developed and tested.

    I can’t wait to learn even more from you from your next program. In the meantime I’ll just “add sweat” and aim high.

    Thank you again,

  67. Maria says:

    Just let me say that before even buying the Tacfit Warrior, I got motivated just entering the contest! Why, well because I have looked at several of your YouTube videos but the farthest I got was buying the Prasara Yoga manual. I just figured this stuff is for young buffed extremists and I am a 55 year-old mom in pretty good shape, I guess but not the shape I know I can have. So, this challenge of making an intention, committing to the program and having it laid was the “resolution” I needed to start 2011. One of the reasons I’ve never ordered anything before was fear — fear that it was another Beach Body something or another sitting in the closet, with no time, no energy from working, running a household and mothering 3 teenagers (at 55)! But these are the exact reasons why I need this program. I could have resorted to a little pink pill to “ease the stress” but I want the holistic path and I am ready to move forward. Thanks.

  68. STEVE ROGERS says:

    Tacfit Warrior is a very well put together program. This integrates the mind and body to create true power. The best part being the Fear audio part. This is GOLDEN! We all have fear but who admits it? It can and does hold each of us back every day. Tacfit Warrior is awesome!

  69. Dave says:

    I stumbled upon CST about 10 months ago when I was working in Kabul as a Bodyguard. When it came to the standard benchmarks of fitness I was in really good shape. But somehow I still didn’t feel healthy. About every 2-3 months I would reach a platuea in my fitness, then I would get sick or get injured, and fall back to my old fitness level. This prompted me to start researching alternative fitness programs, programs that would develop full functional fitness, not merely the compartmentalized ‘fitness’ of the bodybuilding industry. That’s when I came across the clubbell. I ordered a pair of 15 pounders and had them shipped to Kabul. I thought they might be too light, but was impressed by how difficult some of the exercises were with them. As I learned about the integration of breathing, movement, & structure, and the 7 fundamentals of form I became more and more curious about RMAX products. I ordered Intu-flow and Prasara Yoga and started training using the 4-day wave. I haven’t looked back since. The active recovery has completely changed my training dyamic. I have been making continual progress for 10 months without experiencing the plateaus that I had become used to.

    After several months of clubbell training I decided to try out TacFit Commando. I was amazed. It was by far the most advanced and beneficial fitness program I have done to date. I used to have well defined superficial muscles but my core physique was weak. TacFit Commando has literally changed my core physique. I used to look more like those guys with the six packs in underwear ads. Now I have a rippling core that looks more like Bruce Lee’s than some dandy’s. All those little oblique muscles have started popping out.

    I was in the middle of TacFit Mass assault when I heard about TacFit Warrior. At first I thought that it looked just like TacFit Commando but for a wider market. But, given the track record of Scott Sonnon’s products I decided to take another leap of faith. By far the most interesting aspect of TacFit Warrior to me has been the mental/emotional aspects of the training. I have already started to integrate them into TacFit Mass Assault. I did the Warrior Sleep Program last night and felt relaxed before falling asleep for the first time in a long time. I plan on going back to TacFit Commando and integrating the goal setting protocols from TacFit Warrior. Look forward crushing my challenges in the months and years ahead.

    Thanks Scott & Steve,


  70. Calmin Petersen says:

    Hi. Firstly I would like to thank Rmax and Scott Sonnon for developing TACFIT. I am currently on the Grunt Level of TACFIT Commando and cannot wait to integrate it with TACFIT Warrior. TACFIT Warrior has made me realise that my personal, career and physical goals are not separate but interlinked and that success in one area can be leveraged to create success in the others. I think the TACFIT Warrior lifestyle will promote the creation of this synergy between these three areas of my life. TACFIT Warrior gives all the tools to fight the war of life and win. I am actually looking forward to the challenges ahead of me in life.
    Thanks again to all responsible for TACFIT Warrior.

  71. Avi Z. says:

    Attention: confession to follow …

    I have all the Tacfit programs and “know” a lot about them, but have to admit, to my embarassment, that I haven’t started any yet. I have been exercising regularly, primarily bodyweight and with resistance bands, and have had good results, but am now ready to proceed to the next level. I think the timing of the Tacfit Warrior release couldn’t be better – the spur of the New Year will help me make the changes that I have been planning for so long!

    Most exercise programs concentrate on one or two aspects of health and fitness, such as strength or fat loss. All the Tacfit programs are unique in their comprehensive approach – as they develop not only strength and fat loss, but also exercises for joint health and mobility, proper cooldown to avoid imbalances, and movement in all six planes of motion.

    After Commando, Rope, Kettlebell Spetsnaz, and Mass Assault, I wondered what other programs could possibly follow – clubbells perhaps? Tacfit Warrior came out of the blue and surprised me with its addition of the aspects of mental composure and goal setting to the arsenal of personal development techniques. I also think it’s great that the concepts were proven in a fighting situation. I have practiced martial arts and totally appreciate how overcoming fear and having the right mental approach can make the difference between success and failure. I had never previously thought of Tacfit as having any benefit beyond physical development, and am intrigued by the possibilities …

    Thanks Scott and Steven for what I can see will be a great program, and for the extra seminar, which I think will be very helpful. I look forward to writing my next review with the benefit of real experience and results!

  72. ovadia says:

    After finding Tacfit Commando a little stenuous, I was careful about taking on Tacfit Warrior as an additional program. But I went over the preview material, along with two excellent reviews… and finally decided to purchase Tacfit Warrior. So far, I’ve been blown away by its accessibility, compared to not only Commando but nearly any bodyweight program I’ve come across.

    Bodyweight has been among the few fitness approaches I’ve found impossible to deny, yet hard to embrace. While using one’s own body to cultivate conditioning and strength seems logical, lingering joint and ligament issues have been my ongoing stumbling blocks to find a good longterm solution.

    What I didn’t realize was missing, until actually finding it well presented in Tacfit Warrior, were proper initiations into both recovery and mindset. Beyond stretching and warmdown, mindset and recovery help one adopt a complete routine and determine how to make the best of one’s own limits. These two factors help make Tacfit Warrior one of, if not the, most complete bodyweight programs I’ve seen.

    Addressing sleep as an aspect of recovery (within a bodyweight program, mind you) goes beyond any expectation I’d have and allows Warrior to affect one’s whole lifestyle. What I have seen of the sleep content so far makes me believe it can significantly improve any fitness regimen.

    What’s interesting about the Tacfit brand is how consistently smart and high quality its content I’ve seen has been. I’ve had great respect for Scott’s work and I’m grateful that he has advanced his game so much with the release of Warrior. His unconventional team with Steven Barnes is refreshing and helps show how cutting edge Tacfit has become.

    Thanks Scott and Steven for putting out one heck of a program (which I eagerly look forward to growing with).

  73. Indy says:

    What can I say? Coach has come through with some of the most remarkable, cutting edge material, again. I’ve been following and practicing Coach Sonnon’s work for over 11 years now. I had fallen out of touch with it, in part because I let life’s other demands get in the way, but also due to some injuries from trying to do it all without knowing how. I wanted to get bigger, faster, stronger. Now.

    I had the tools, I owned the videos, I had the techniques, heck, I had the certifications… I just didn’t have the road map. I hurt myself on several occasions from over training and over working for so long: Sprained wrist, popped ankle joint capsule, torn shoulders, pulley injury in my right hand. I just couldn’t put it all together safely and effectively, so I gave up for a while, treating CST as more a hobby or interest than the passion it once was.

    Until now. In TacFit: Warrior, Coach lays out the road map, the ‘how to get there from here’ I was missing all along. I’ve seen the evolution of CST and RMAX over the last few years, but wasn’t quite convinced the answers were all there FOR ME, even though I knew it was all possible. I’m glad I kept looking. I’m still in the process of downloading all the material (satellite connections aren’t all that fast), but I’ve looked over the manual twice now, and am looking forward to implementing TFW into my daily life. It covers all those questions of how to do it all that I had, but never asked and had answered. It is that missing link of how to integrate health first fitness into your everyday life seamlessly. If you do nothing else for yourself this year, order TacFit: Warrior. I don’t believe you can go wrong with that.

    A hearty Thank you to Coach Sonnon, Steven and all the others who worked behind the scenes to make this all possible. I look forward to rejoining you all on this great adventure.

  74. Kylie says:

    Oh. wow. Whatever else you are doing right now or in the future, this is the program you will return to year after year.
    There is a lot of material here, and initially thought I would try to digest it all over a weekend. I was wrong, but that’s ok.
    I started with the manual, F.E.A.R., and the instructional videos. Sleep is on the agenda for tonight. It was all the quality I have come to expect from Scott Sonnon, but armed with the mind-body connection this is just explosive.
    I have just graduated from Kettlebell Spetsnaz Pre-recruit to recruit, and intend to complete that program before starting Warrior proper, but already I can see scope to integrate the visualisations into my current training (and the rest of my life). I have some big chunky goals for the next 12-18 months, and having this land in my lap at this time is a gift too precious to waste.
    I join everyone else who has commented here in congratulating Scott and Steven on an excellent suite of products!

  75. Coach Sonnon and Coach Barnes

    Thankyou very much for making TACFIT warrior!!! I bought the program a few days ago and have spending every available moment going through the resources. I have yet to have my first session proper as such, but not long now before the journey begins!
    I am a stay at home Dad at the moment but also working on getting a Personal Training business going during the times my little boy is in daycare. Check out my website if you get a chance http://www.dojopt.com. There is such a wealth of information and “truths” within what you have put together for all of us to experience. I have trained in martial arts, tai chi, qigong, chinese medicine, exercise science but have always struggled internally to find a comprehensive and efficient approach to combine the science of the west with the wisdom of the east. TACFIT Warrior does just that…in so many ways it is the “something” I have been looking for to unify my path to health, fitness, well being and potential. Another area I have personally found difficult especially since the progression from single male to family life, is being able to find the time to practise all my “disciplines” to get a wholistic workout. Now that there is TACFIT Warrior, it is all combined into one….the time is no longer a barrier to progression and the carry over into my other pursuits can readily be seen by just watching the material (obviously you still have to do it to get the results).
    I am looking forward to my next chapter in life, and I can feel the enthusiasm building within me each day, breaking me away from the ingrained “bodybuilding” paradigm of training which I have tried so hard to let go of over the years…..the time is now, there is a better way, this I have always known, but until now was never exposed in such a way that cuts through to the essence of what we all strive for.

    Thankyou Coaches, thankyou for travelling your journey and passing that experience on to us, so that we too can find our path.

    Best regards

    Craig Jackett

    Wellington, New Zealand

    “The goal is not to be something we are not – but to be more fully what we are.”

  76. aaron iraia says:

    finally a program which deals with the body as a whole. I am currently doing the rope program and once completed my first cycle am eagerly awaiting to change over to the tacfit warrior challenge. thank you scott sonnon

  77. Daryl Green says:

    This review is based on me actually using this – i.e. checking HRBPM’s, thinking of top 3 goals in 3 domains of life, doing full Intuflow, Prasara on ramp-up days then today Warm up, Medium Intensity Workout, CoolDown. I feel good. The last time I got a buzz like this from a workout was my first run through of Coach Steer and Murdochs Fuzion workout. The difference with Tacfit Warrior is that it has moves that on first glance on the video’s I thought I won’t be able to do that-(and that was just one of warm-up moves!) Slow practice over a couple of days has grooved it whereby I can now do it.
    Positives- A lot of material for the money. Progressions to provoke further growth. I can see that having a mental focus interweaved with the physical activity will anchor endorphins and action to goals – they’ll happen easily.
    Negatives – Resolution of some of the video’s a little low, and 1 video has Scott checking a phone call on his mobile and a few minutes later a plane goes over drowning out some of the audio. I would have expected that to be edited out. Quite a few typo’s in the manual – give me a shout on the next production and I’ll proofread it for free. Seriously. In case you’re wondering his ringtone is Mission Impossible!
    Another positive is that even though I have Intuflow DVD’s and am at Intermediate on that, the Strain Release Workout provided in Warrior seems to have really loosened my hips and back a lot more in the few days I’ve been practicing it and because its a shorter workout it’s quickly over so I can get on with my life after.
    All in all I’m looking forward to progressing with the workouts, seeing and feeling my movement ability enhance and improving my life significantly over the next weeks and months ahead.

    • admin says:

      Daryl, thanks for the great review. Please redownload the manual and warmup video. You must have had a very early version for those problems have been fixed.
      We are also providing HIRES versions of the videos.
      Thanks and sorry for your inconvenience.
      Who Dares Wins,
      Scott Sonnon

  78. I have several of Coach Sonnon’s other products (Intu-Flow, Flow Fit, Clubbells, etc.). Although I love those programs, the feature of TFW that puts it over the top is the way it brings everything together. Exercise, diet, goal setting, philosophy – it’s all here, and set up in a turn-key fashion that makes it accessible to anyone who is willing to put in the sweat.

    I started yesterday, and I’m committed to making this program the turning point in my fitness and personal progress. Thanks, Coach!

  79. Kevin Wong says:

    There is an incredible amount of material and quality content in TACFIT Warrior. Wow!

    This truly is the work of genius, as you step into a new world of functional exercise that not only delivers amazing physical results, but transformation at the deepest neurological levels. It’s physical and mental preparedness like no program i’ve ever seen.

    I’m excited to take on the challenge of this program. Bring it on!

  80. Alicia Thomas says:

    I am in the process of reading all the material and watching the instructional videos. I like that this is portable in my ipod as I have to travel sometimes for my job. I have been very impressed. I am a fan of material that makes me think and/or creates a paradigm shift for me. I am looking forward to beginning this journey from good to best.

  81. Jim and Ruth Olsen says:

    The TACFIT Warrior Program shines out as a diamond in the overwhelming morass of mediocre materials and cookie-cutter programs offered by the fitness industry. And like a diamond, it is multi-faceted: addressing the varied needs of diverse groups of fitness enthusiasts. This is not just one program for one audience… it is designed for the myriad needs of seekers of all levels of fitness and will help the weekend warrior as well as the seasoned athlete looking for a new approach to training.

    TACFIT Warrior contains a manual that explains philosophy and layout of the program and series of instructional videos (in downloadable files ready for desktops or ipods) explaining each technique for each level of the system. These instructional videos are the heart of the system as Scott Sonnon explains the necessary components of performing each exercise for the greatest efficiency, body balance and injury avoidance. Where many programs just skim through the physical needs of performing the exercises, Scott knows the devil is in the details and goes to great lengths to make sure you will benefit from each technique by performing it correctly.

    The program also contains a series of follow-along videos to help the practitioner to time and pace their workout. The TACFIT Warrior program is based on the Tabata Protocol (20 seconds of intense exercise rotated with 10 seconds of rest in between rounds) to build endurance capacity while revving up the body’s metabolism for maximum fat burning… you are losing weight while building endurance and strength at the same time! Each video also has a motivational soundtrack with a narrator giving psychological cues to proper mental performance.

    The TACFIT Warrior program’s philosophy and mindset is further explained and built upon in several program components and bonuses. The 9 Principles of the Master Swordsman, F.E.A.R. Mastery Program, and Threshold Training Programs delve deeper into the mental training and self-exploration to surpass the purely physical and to move towards the life changing sports psychology aspects of the course. Scott Sonnon and Steve Barnes really give their all in the bonus Threshold Training segments and spend hours describing their models of human motivational and performance science and help the viewer define and reach their true life goals.

    It may be an old cliche to ask “What would you attempt to do in life if you knew you could not fail?” Sonnon and Barnes attempt to give the TACFIT Warriors who use this program the tools to not just change their bodies and fitness health, but to change their “selves” and their outlook on life. To those who work through the whole program, you may be surprised with what you can accomplish when you have the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual endurance and strength to truly have no limits.

  82. Maria says:

    Who won the $5,000 Fitness Contest?

  83. Rebecca says:

    I’ve purchased all your programs over the past year. Simply put, I think Warrior is the absolute best of them all. It addresses all my wants and all my needs. Thank you!

  84. Phua Chuan Chin says:

    I have not been able to dig deep into all the resources provided by Tacfit Warrior but so far so good! With what I’ve gone through in the program so far, I’m impressed! Anything that can help me with my breath/mind/body co-ordination is a gift that I sincerely appreciate. The investment I put in for Tacfit Warrior is worth much more than the benefits it provides.

    Having knocked on heaven’s door almost 12 years ago with a heart attack and ventricular fibrillation, I now believe that the “art of living is to die young . . . as late as possible”. I agree with Mr Sonnon that “Better is Better”. As for this 59-year-young Grandpa from Singapore, “Better is the Only Option”! Tacfit Warrior inspires me to do what I’ve gotta do!

    My sincere thanks to Mr Scott Sonnon and Mr Steven Barnes for helping me achieve greater heights in fitness and wellness!

    Phua Chuan Chin, “Ash”

  85. Annely says:

    I have overall obese, with heart- and high blood-pressure problems, over 40 women, so the biggest struggle I have, is the one with myself and my excuses “why I can’t do it” :). But I believe, that I can do it – just begin from lite-version and if I develop, then go further. At the last half of the year I have some problems with inflammation in my one side back- and shoulder muscle, but slowly I can manage it. Some light and slow training makes it also better. So I keep going with that. Anyway – if you have some good suggestion regarding this, it will be very welcome and appreciated!

    I have bought the program few weeks ago and didn’t practice it yet, mostly due to the fact, that I have to shovel the snow almost every day and it’s a really high intensity training. We have more than 80 cm of snow already and its snowing and snowing… :))).

    But I have practiced NO (intu-flow) and LOW series and also warm-up and cool-down ones almost every day. AND – the biggest finding for me was the FlowFit program! Thank you for this! So clearly and so detailed way explaining all practices, beginning from very beginner stage! And so friendly and with great warmth! I really thank you for this!

    Have a cosy ending of this year and Happy New Year!

    A from Estonia

  86. Greetings to all–congratulations and massive respect to you for your commitment to bringing the best of yourself in 2011. Every day a victory, every step a triumph!

  87. Annely says:

    I have some questions and would be very grateful, if someone could answer or just share some thoughts on these:

    - if I like to swim/run a bike or train with a kettelbells/clubbells sometimes, on what day should I do this? Kettlebells/clubbells probably on MO or HI? But swimming or cycleing?

    - if one have to do some work at home/houshold (digging a gardenbeds, carrying a soil, lawnmoving, oiling floors, snowshoveling etc), which last for hours (SLS is controlleable) – on what days should I plan these? MO? LOW?

    - on what days is good to plan sauna? in some aspects maybe HI (good relaxation), but as the heat itself is also a “training” for a heart, then maybe it’s not a good idea? MO also probably not, as it relaxes a body and HI next day is not very good. So probably NO or LOW – but which of them?

  88. I’d say to sauna on recovery days, especially, but a good sauna is always possible!
    Yardwork? Any day, but lightest on recovery days, heaviest on the “heavy” day. Our workouts should serve our lives, not the other way around.

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