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If you are logged in,¬†one of the links¬†below will be visible. It leads to your Download Portal, which contains everything you’ll need to acquire your TACFIT Warrior material.

TACFIT Warrior => TACFIT Warrior Introductory Package Download Portal

TACFIT Warrior => TACFIT Warrior Regular Package Download Portal

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Very best!

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122 Responses to Welcome to TACFIT Warrior -After Registration page

  1. Clark Mason says:

    Somehow I missed how to go about aquiring Tacfit Warrior. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

  2. Dame Mielle says:

    how to register in this site? there is no register button.

  3. Dame Mielle says:

    I already subscride but still I can’t log in into your site.

  4. Bo says:

    I subscribed and when this site came up there was no drop down menu for me to find the video’s and down load them. I would love to have them, I just need to know where they are. Thx

  5. Hi,

    I have tried to log in with my tacfit commando details but it states the incorrect username ?

    Can you assist ?



    • admin says:


      You cannot login with Commando credentials. You must be a Warrior customer. Sale begins in 5 days. But don’t miss the $5,000 contest being announced soon!!!

  6. Duncan Lyall says:

    Sweet. Just started downloading now. Love living a few hours ahead of US time. Still going through Kettlebell Spetsnaz which will give me time to read the Warrior information prior to embarking on it.

  7. Patrick says:

    I just purchased it. Am I supposed to be an Introductory member?

  8. Tyler Oakley says:

    Hmm… Logged in and hit refresh, but download link is still not showing up on my mac or my pc. I assume its where the ‘TacFit Warrior’ words are with the arrow next to it…

  9. Duncan Lyall says:

    All the links are working for me just fine, so far.

  10. Tyler Oakley says:

    That’s funny. No matter what I do all I see is this:

    TACFIT Warrior => [Content protected for Introductory Tacfit Warrior members only]

    TACFIT Warrior => [Content protected for Regular members only]

  11. Francesco Gallitto says:

    I subscrived and purchased it, but I can’t download the videos. The only one I saved on the desktop
    don’t work with the VLC Player (updated).

  12. Paul Patos says:

    Hi, I have placed my order but still haven’t received the confirmation email. Could you please advise.

  13. Per Nyberg says:

    Just started to Download it and it works fine for me. :-)

  14. Nenad Rava says:

    Thanks – I downloaded it all! It is great!!! and overwhelming, but I will anyway start to use it later in 2011 – currently finalizing Commando and then will go for Mass Assault… and then only the Warrior…

    I am also glad to report that Commando is working and the results are amazing… but the Warrior seems even more genuine!!!

  15. Peyton Young says:

    No access still even after deleting cookies and restarting browser…

    • Peyton Young says:

      Tried from 4 different PCs and still no access…

      • Hey Peyton,

        You probably got this sorted out before but when you login and still have no access just refresh the browser (F5) and the link will be activated. It looks like the session is being set after the page has already been loaded. Just incase any one else had this problem. :)

        Hope this helps.

  16. Michael Strange says:

    I am getting the same problem as Tyler. I have deleted cookies, refreshed, restarted browser, tried a different browser (so far tried Internet Exporer, Firefox and Safari), and it still does not show me the links. :(

  17. Raul Rivera Zarate says:


  18. Leon Buckman says:

    Hi all,

    TACFIT Warrior => [Content protected for Regular members only]

    What does that mean exactly? How do you become a regular member?
    I just bought Tacfit Warrior.

  19. Michael Strange says:

    Okay so it is not just me that can not get the link. Must be something on the other end then. I have tried restarting pc, cleaning out all cookies, etc. different browsers, and no luck. :(

  20. John Moore says:

    Link is BROKEN.

  21. admin says:

    Dear friends, the links are not broken. You’ll need to clear cookies, close your browser, and then through your email confirmation click-thru to open the login. Then login anew, and you’ll be able to access everything.

  22. Michel says:

    Hi Gary,
    thank you for your help. But i kicked my out BEFORE i registered my in Tacfit Warrior. Can you send me the link for registered me?!
    Thank you

  23. Michael Ibarra says:

    I rarely post comments to any site, but I’m making an exception for Tac Fit. I am currently on Mission 3 of Tac Fit Commando-Recruit. It is an exceptional method of training. I have integrated it with my other training goals (Gymnastics and Parkour) using the 4 day wave principle. I am actually making faster gains in strength, but more importantly faster gains in skill. I was skeptical about starting Commando because it seemed like I would have to compromise what I was already doing with my Gymnastics and Parkour training. However integrating the extra training intelligently into Tac Fit’s 4 day wave and everything syncs up wonderfully. In fact it allows me to really focus on skill since much of the strength, agility etc… carries over from Tac Fit. I am very excited to start Tac Fit Warrior. Each evolution of Coach Sonnon’s training philosophy seems to have been building to this. I also appreciate the organization of the download portal for Tac Fit Warrior. E-books, audio and video are all clearly discernible in there own color coded banners. I know it’s a weird thing to comment on but it’s little details like this that also stand out to me. Well done! I’ve got just 3 more weeks to go to finish up Mission 3 of Commando. Warrior will be amazing.

  24. John Moore says:

    Dear Admin

    If it was a cookie issue, I would expect it to work when I logged in from a different browser that didn’t share cookies – I’m on browser #3 and it’s still a FAIL.

  25. Paul Gibson says:

    Great stuff so far. The Tabata protocol is great but I sure would like to see you mix it up a bit.

  26. jesse blest says:

    Dear Admin

    I am also having the above problems. I cleared cookies and followed the other instructions with no luck. Thanks

  27. josh malago says:

    Was able to log in with no problems through firefox, the program looks great. Thanks guys.

  28. Michael Strange says:

    Okay have cleared the entire history, cookies, passwords, etc. from every browser.

    Restarted my PC

    Tried again and can not get the download links.

    Tried on a different computer. Same thing. Getting frustrating.

  29. Peyton Young says:


    This looks like an issue with registrations not being assigned access to the protected content not a browser issue. My wordpress login is not flagged for access to the protected content. I am sure thats what is happening to other users as well.

  30. Michael Strange says:

    I have tried: Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera and Chrome. No go.

    I think Peyton has hit it on the head, some of us must not be getting proper access.

  31. Paul Patos says:

    Hi Team,

    Do you know when we will be able to access the links as I’ve still yet got no email confirmation? I’ve sent an email to support and haven’t received any replies as yet.


  32. admin says:

    Michael and Peyton,

    If none of the links above is active, can you still click on the:

    If you are not logged in, please log in HERE, and get in.

    That should let you in.

    Otherwise, please contact us through the helpdesk (, and we’ll take care of it.
    Obviously there is an unsolvable problem, whatever may be the cause.


  33. Peyton Young says:


    One suggestion might be to change the wording from ‘introduction’ to something else. Since there was an email sent out several days ago to see the ‘introductory videos’, some people including myself may be thinking that is all we get from the first introductory link.

  34. Michael Strange says:

    filed a bug then, i tried the log in HERE link and it did not work either.

    Bummer. :(

  35. admin says:

    TACFIT Warriors,
    Please open a ticket at helpdesk for any issues you may be having. Thankfully, there are not many.

  36. admin says:

    Introductory means the Introductory 3-day only Sale, guys.

  37. Michael Strange says:

    oh that. Yeah I have received my emails, my receipt, etc. just can’t get the goodies now.

  38. admin says:

    TACFIT Warriors,
    Please open a ticket at helpdesk for any issues you may be having. Thankfully, there are not many.

    If anyone is having a problem, and every PC or Mac is different, we’ll get you through it, no worries ;)

  39. Michael Strange says:

    Fixed it, I used the link in the Receipt to Re-Register using a different Email and it now works. Odd.

  40. Rinaldo Forzani Jr. says:

    I have never downloaded videos. Neither did I expect to? I have to restart fresh tomorrow. Computers are not my strength. Look forward to training. RF

  41. admin says:

    Everyone is happy, and everything is working.
    The server failed to give proper permissions to a couple of people. Once corrected, it’s up and running. is the place to go for issue resolution.

    Enjoy the TACFIT Warrior! It is indeed incredible.

  42. Sharath Somasundaram says:

    Looking forward to this, saw a difference with Commando.

  43. Guy Bedard says:

    Everything downloaded with the suggested programs, really speeded things up.

    Had a look at the program and can’t wait to start. I tweaked my shoulder a couple weeks ago and it still bothers me so I will start with the ‘lite’ version and work up from there.
    I am so frickin pumped to have this program, I will get out of it what I put into it. Gonna incorporate the program exactly as outlined in the manual. May as well ‘keep it simple soldier’ and follow Scott’s advice with the plug ‘n play aspect to the program! Gonna get some sleep now and be up early in the a.m. to start the program! Peace out!

    Guy Bedard

  44. Jim Nelms says:

    Hey Scott and Steve,

    Getting ready to start into the third mission of TacFit Commando and while it kicks my “you-know-what” I am loving the results! After TFC the plan is to jump into TacFit Warrior, so looking forward to taking my fitness to the next level!

    I have a quick question for you and that is I am not seeing where I can log out on the TFW download portal like with the TFC portal, so I just closed the page out at the top. Will you be adding login/logout fields to the TFW download portal in the future?

    Thanks for pushing the envelope!


  45. Paul Patos says:

    Hi Gary,

    I’ve just finished downloading the videos. Will review these tonight. Thanks again for your support.


  46. Francesco Gallitto says:

    Dear Admin,
    please check the server connecting to because it seams to have some
    errors on file video, I downloaded the bonus video on without
    problems, but in others videos ( the problems still remains.
    Pleasae respond me ASAP with a solution to these problems that I payed.

  47. Peter Kim says:

    Hola – can log in and download the videos, but can’t save any of the pdf manuals/written materials.

    The links when rt-clicked lead either to a Download or Open Link In New Tab popup options, and both only open in a new browser tab, and not for download on your own computer.

    Clicking the links also open in a new browser tab.

    And the Mission Brief manual doesn’t open in a new tab at all (error message saying “Sorry we are unable to retrieve the document for viewing Please try again later”), unless you rt-click the link and choose the Download option.

  48. joseph schwartz says:

    I’m able to log in, though there is not a live link to the download portal
    Thank you

  49. Luigi Colbax says:

    i can’t download the videos….it start but don’t finish to charge….anyone else with same problem?

  50. Denis Switzer says:

    I have been unable to download the warrior instructional manual. Any suggestions?

    thanks for your help.

  51. Marco Giacomello says:

    Downloaded the Desktop version but the video are very small. Is that correct?
    Terrific stuff!

  52. Peter says:

    I’m having the same problem most people are noting above. I haven’t received a confirmation email either.

  53. jeff weeks says:

    There is a ton of material here and I am very pleased with my decision to purchase Warrior–a lot of value for the dollar. Is there some guidance about how to incorporate the flow training and threshold training into the base programs, or are these bonuses just extras to use later?

  54. Michael Tomlin says:

    TACFIT Warriors,
    For all issues, please submit your tickets to

  55. luke skywalker says:

    thanks for a great product… i’ve been watching scoots tube vids for ages
    getting training tips… the persistent Facebook marketing was what got you
    over the line with me… i didn’t open the first 10 facebook
    updates/emails… but when i did i saw the instant value… hence the
    purchase :)

    i was just wanting to make a suggestion of something that would be very
    practical and ultra valuable to me and who knows who else. im an apple user
    like most people i know but for my hardcore workouts i use a ipod shuffle
    which is the small clip on one…

    my suggestion is….

    can you turn the 28 minute simulation vids with all the positive affirmation
    into an AUDIO ONLY FILE so eventually when i don’t need the visual
    instructions, i can still train with the voice prompts in my ear?!!

    i reckon theres tremendous value in this and could be another BONUS

    appreciate your feedback on this

    • Sean McCrorie says:

      Hey Luke,

      As a temporary solution you can download a program called “Audacity” (it is free). You can rip the tactift video to a mp3 which you can put on your ipod.


  56. Jen Jaxon says:

    Pay day! Just got the package, downloads fine. I will *sleep* tonight! :-D

  57. Martin T. Kolar says:

    Same as read above. My username and password is not recognized. My email address is not recognized. Fix you damn website! So many people experiencing the same problem…

  58. Barbara says:

    I can’t get to the download portal….My username is not recognized…please help

  59. Chris Costa says:

    Oops, after purchasing I registered the exact login info for Warrior that I use for Commando, and now the system isn’t showing me the downloads. Is there a way to re-set my Warrior login so as not to confuse the system?

  60. Chris Costa says:

    Never mind, after reading the instructions at the top of this page more carefully and ignoring the word “introductory” in the link (which somehow confused me) it worked fine, all I had to do was click it!


  61. Gary Brynenn says:

    TACFIT Warriors,
    For all issues, please submit your tickets to

  62. Karl says:

    Another great product guys. Just wondering if there is a benchmark to achieve before you jump to the next level, ie in Commando Mission 1 it was a score of 40.

  63. Sam Boydston says:

    Hi! I got in during the 3-day sale. I notice there are two download portals. Am I getting access to the full program? My understanding was that if I got in during the sale period, I’d get $50 off and still have full access. Thanks!

  64. david kolesar says:

    same prob here as most others…paid, registered and confirmed my subscription but didnt receive confirmation email and cant see links. i did the cookie thing with no luck…this blows

  65. Jen Jaxon says:

    I slept. I SLEPT last night. For six straight hours. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I downloaded the Warrior Sleep immediately after purchase last night. It was incredible. I slept last night, Warrior Sleep! I’m going to sleep tonight! And I’m going to post it absolutely EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Morgan Firecloud says:

    Thank You! This is a true blessing! Scott and Steve you are indeed righteous men!

  67. Ronn Franco says:

    I have started grunt commando mission 3, also my first week of TMA phase one. What is the best way to incorporate Tacfit warrior? I have read some of the warrior program just not sure how to work all three programs together. Right now I am doing grunt 3 and TMA on same day, one in morning one at night. Can’t wait to get started on Warrior. Thanks

  68. Steven Sierra says:

    Has anyone seen the Threshold section? I tried to view and couldn’t. I had to download an MPEG and I can see the video, but there’s no audio. Anyone else experience this with only the Threshold section part in the bonuses? Everything else is fine.

  69. mike brown says:

    There is something wrong with Threshold training Disc 1 Part 8, it won’t play on anything.

  70. Jim Klotz says:

    download VLC media player or Quicktime.

  71. jason says:

    I’ll second VLC player as a solution. Media player also freaked on me about the codec and Quicktime couldnt render it but VLC came through.

    • Steve says:

      I downloaded VLC, but that didn’t come through. I tried to open VLC, but I just got a bunch of codes. Once I download VLC, what should I do next?

  72. jason morris says:

    Sorry brother, I just googled it, installed it and after I did a restart I was able to watch the Threshold video. I don’t mean to rub it in, but that video, imho is the FIRST thing anyone should watch. The manual makes much more sense now.

    Random Question: Do the heart rate monitor protocols in warrior carry over to commando? I would imagine that ROPE, Spetznaz and MA would not follow a heart rate profile like warrior or commando.

  73. Rob B says:

    Great stuff, guys, thank you for putting it together. One suggestion to mr. Barnes. Please, in a hypnotic induction, i.e. warrior sleep, do not conjure up the imagery “the body is heavy”. I know that already and weight loss is one of my main fitness goals and reasons for doing TacFit. This hypnotic suggestion isn’t helpful. ind you, have heard worse, so-called hypnotist telling me every part of my body, including my eye-lids, were heavy. Just saying the body feels relaxed is a far better suggestion.
    Be well,

    • Bob–

      Thank you for your note.
      No induction works for everyone. If you were my private client, I would organize the visualizations and evocations to your specific needs. With a product designed for use by thousands of people, it is inevitable that either some of the references will produce odd effects, or contrary effects.

      It simply isn’t possible to create one that is both powerful AND works equally for everyone–any more than you can design and create a universal medication.

  74. Steven Sierra says:

    Thanks, Jason. The VLC worked.

  75. Josh says:

    Beside the few recipes that are in the diet manual, is there any way to get some more? Not all of us have Commando, and it would be great to see some more. A few times it refers to “health snacks” to displace other things, or meals that fit certain rations, but with little cooking or healthy eating experience, I really have no idea what I should be eating for theses times. The Chard cakes, cheddar tomatoes, and grilled salmon were all great, but eating each of those 35 more times in cycle over the next 5 months (4x7x5 levels) might make not only me a bit sick of those. Any ideas or other places that would have “Scott Approved” recipes and healthy snacks?

    The 40 day plan for working up to the 4-day diet looks great, but what if we don’t already have any type of regular eating plan, ie we just eat when ever…basically there is nothing set enough to displace. I’m going with eating within 1 hour of getting up and the other suggestions in the progression, but the example of working on eating 3 meals a day, what should we eat for those meals?


    • Mike Lasnier says:


      Something that has worked relatively well for me is the “cook this, not that” books. While not nearly as in depth and focused as many of the recipes in the Tacfit series, it gets you moving down the track towards supplanting bad food choices with much better ones. It also addresses basic issues such as best milk, Best cooking oils, cereal, etc. Their newest book is all recipes that are around 350 cals. Obviously, there are still some food choices that aren’t that great, even in their “healthy” versions, but there are also some great options in there. They are sold at most book stores, and at Costco, for about $11.00.

    • Adam Crafter says:

      I’m a huge fan of the grain-free food produced by the ‘paleo’ evolutionary eating movement. has a truly insane amount of amazing recipes….
      Drop me an email if you need more resources

  76. craig ring says:

    I got on the site ok after disreguarding trial membership and clicking to enter.
    I have down loaded the Instructional Videos and started on the Mission Simulation Videos.
    My dumb question is are both the Instructional and Mission the same just different audio.
    When I load a Mission Video it apears the same w/someone talking and video of a countdown.
    This appears odd as you can see Scott talking in the Mission Video and this count down audio overlapping. Is this normal?
    Thanks Craig.

  77. Frank Zhong says:

    I just wanted to drop everyone a note and introduce myself. My name is Frank and I have been doing Tacfit commando for about 2 months now, just got through 2 rounds of mission 3 recruit level. Looking forward to conversing with everyone. Right now i’m primarily using the Warrior Sleep meditation exercises and the F.E.A.R. exercises, and right now will proably wait until i am finished with all three levels of Commando before i break into the actual exercises of Warrior. I’m open to suggestions on how to integrate them though, right now I am doing some Chinese martial arts and boxing work as well so I’m wary of overtraining or taking up too much time.

    Anyways that’s my little intro spiel, Happy Holidays everyone!

    • I would suggest replacing the Commando exercises with Warrior…but then I’m prejudiced. The most important thing is to keep your body handling manageable stress, without letting it become strain. To that end, I personally use a 7X4, alternating Warrior with a modified Spetznaz. Scott is creating a more elaborate and exhaustive template for integration of the various programs…it will be available very soon.

      • Frank says:

        Just to be certain, by 7×4 are you still referring to same format of the two recovery days followed by the two work days with elevating intensity?

        I also meant to ask you, when doing warrior sleep, is it doable to lie on your side? I feel more comfortable with my involuntary breathing when I’m on my side as opposed to supine.

  78. John Suhar says:

    Unable to view Threshold Training Bonus on my Apple (Mac). Real Player Unsupported by my current Version of Quicktime (recent version)(Mac 1 year old). Need Assistance. Thanks :-)

    • Greg says:

      I had the same problem. I downloaded the VLC player, and opened the Threshold Videos with that. Don’t know why quictime wouldn’t do it, but VLC player does.

      • Adam Crafter says:

        I have VLC for the iPad, and it seems to play everything handily.

        It is nice to have a copy of the video on the iPad so that i can place where-ever so that I can see it when Scott twists me around.
        I know my learning curve, in about 2-3 weeks I won’t need the videos except for review and refine.

  79. Greg says:

    I had bilateral hip replacement almost three years ago. I found the movements in TACFIT Commando to be very helpful. I see that in Warrior, there are more exercises that incorporate internal rotation. You must have worked with many single and bi-lat hip replacement folks over the years. Do you have specific movements you recommend to substitute for those that incorporate more internal rotation, and still maintain the complexity and overall targets for the sequences you put together? Thanks.

  80. Indy Ishaya says:

    Is there a .pdf of the manual without all the graphics available? I’d love to print out a copy as my computer is currently 30 minutes from where I have moved to… It’d be nice to not have to print out all the tacfit graphics on every page though. Thanks!

    • admin says:


      We don’t have a text file of the manual, as it would require too much “translation”. Kinkos FEDEX has highly effective remote printing services.

  81. James Carruthers says:

    Love it! Fantastic stuff…SENSORY OVERLOAD…no other training program has ever challenged me physically, mentally, spiritually like this has…

    The way you have designed this to smoke out one’s weakness is amazing…I’ve never known how to effectively grade myself on performance…and now I can see how one exercise is totally effortless while another is kicking my arse!–and that’s just the warm up!!..(likewise ‘effortless’ for me, I’m sure is brutally challenging for someone else and brutally challenging for me is a walk in the park for many others–this program delivers on so many levels)

    I now carry index cards that read:



  82. Kathleen Lattea says:

    –downloaded onto my HP laptop with Windows 7, used Save As, all under TACFIT.
    –can’t read or hear FEAR. shows check in windows language bubble and all see is gobbledygook
    –want to get started! help!

  83. chad straza says:

    were do you get those black flat sole shoes from?? Can you give me a link or the website pls?

  84. Ronn Franco says:

    What shoes do you recommend for training. I can’t make out what Scott is wearing in his videos outside.Thanks. Never been in better shape. Training with Tacfit and Mass Assault.

  85. Guy Bedard says:

    Got my feet wet and found out that I need to begin the work with ‘Lite’.

    Here is the question I have, “Do i continue doing day#2 although I can only do 25% of the drills properly?”

    I figure to go as Scott says, “Improve 1% per day, each day and continue as such and you will reap results moreso than if you do more, less often.”(Not sure that I paraphrased him accurately.)

    Guy Bedard

    • Which drills, Guy? The strain prevention? Or are you talking about the actual Warrior exercises themselves? So long as you don’t injure yourself (safety FIRST!) and learn one new thing in every session, you will continue to improve.

      • Guy Bedard says:

        The sitting on my heels in Day #2 is what was causing great discomfort. I would get incredible cramps in both feet when attempting these drills.

        Happy to report that my last day #2 which was yesterday, I got to do the entire Day #2 at 100% as far as being able to complete all of the drills. I did go as far as I could go and now reaping the rewards into greater functionality and getting to the point where I can use the word, ‘flexibility’.

        Thanks Steve and Scott!

  86. Tim Kubit says:

    Some site login issues today (Jan 1)…for some reason I have to login twice to get to the DL content. If I login just once, I get the “Dear Friend” message as though my username/password was incorrect (no links). Logging in again gets me to where I want to go. Just a heads up!

  87. Chris Yao says:

    My earlier query was removed from this discussion blog – it was a question about how to apply the Warrior mind-body methods to Commando, which missions I am still working through. Is there a reason why my post was deleted?

  88. Jen Jaxon says:

    Thanks so much for providing the download page in this format! I have to use shared computers, and so can’t always access my files; the pace of life! I’m just realizing how essential this is, being more often away from home!

  89. jerry levine says:

    Greetings, Having downloaded to a DVD all was working well initially. Now, no visual on some – just audio. Some start – stop. Some – “failure to read,” notice. Anyone have this happen and have a fix?

    thanking you in advance,


  90. jerry levine says:

    Greetings, The problem noted above appears to be solved. I havwe cleaned the discs and re-downloaded successfully on two and used a new one for the finish. All seems to be okay….. at the moment.

    Have a peaceful day – stay fit -be prepared.


  91. George Larsen says:

    In the program, Scott mentions the 7 indicators of longevity. Grip strength and balance are two of them. does anyone know what all 7 are?

  92. Denis Switzer says:

    I have been unable to down load the cool down video. any suggestions on how to get it? I have been able to get the other videos. I was wondering if the cool down video at the source was corrupt.


  93. Sharath Somasundaram says:

    Sometime back I had downloaded some of the simulation videos in High Resolution. However, I tried to download the Grunt and Commando HiRes simulation videos but have been unable to find the link. Please help. Thanks.

  94. dennis blanthorn says:

    I win and never died

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